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June 28, 2012



I'll only spend cheap for radios anyway... poor income, but I restore, clean up and make 'em look brand new anyway! And I'm really good at alignments.


That is a really fun and satisfying approach, Dorpmuller. I have done that on occasion, such as when I found a decent but dirty Zenith Trans-Oceanic 3000 at the Goodwill store for a paltry $6.50.

After the usual clean-up and tweaking I enjoyed it for a year, and then sold it (all shiny and working great) at a hamfair for $75. This was in 1997 before I started on Ebay, where it likely would have brought more. Still, a tidy profit on $6.50.

I'm sure others have good "war stories" of ugly duckling radios found on the cheap, and then turned into Cinderellas!


I find the 'chase' is almost as fun as actually getting the radio. I'm by no means a collector - just a user that like to find a cheap neglected radio, fix it up and pass it along.

I recently found a really nice DeWalt DW911 - a construction radio that runs off of DeWalt cordless tool batteries - just an excellent design, and one of the most sensitive fm receivers I've used yet! AM is also excellent. I've been using a Sangean U3 for a couple years now due to its excellent AM, and this may replace it.... it's that good. All this goodness cost me $30 bucks at a garage sale. Of course, it was beat to hell and back, but a little elbow grease brought it back to a nice 'user' status.

- Adam

Keith Beesley

Yes! I recently dug out an old Radio Shack/Realistic Patrolman multiband with AM/FM/VHF police, weather etc. that I found several years ago in non-working condition at a Goodwill outlet--the place where Goodwill dumps all the stuff that doesn't sell at their main stores, or that they deem not good enough to sell. Think I paid $1.99 for it. My "restoration" skills are limited, at best, but I sprayed the battery contacts and all the pots with De-Oxit, and gave the cabinet a good cleaning, and it now works and looks great! It even has good reception on AM and FM broadcast.


I'm a radio user for the most part. It's sort of like classic cars to me----I'm not one who will spend a crazy amount on a pristine classic car and then be afraid to drive it. Far more appealing to me is finding a presentable, fun old car for less----and actually taking it out on weekends, driving it around, enjoying. Keeping it in the garage, under a dust cover---not for me. Likewise, keeping an old radio in perfect condition in its original box---after paying a kings ransom for it----that's not for me either.

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