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August 21, 2012



My 2009 CCRadio-SW is slightly less sensitive than my PR-D5 on the low end of the MW AM band, and slightly more sensitive on the high end of the band.

Many of these radios have too much variation in performance from sample to sample.


The CC-SW was not that good for me on AM as well, so I returned it. My 350 is definitely better and I still enjoy this radio. I recently got a PRD-5, and I really do love that radio. Probably my best of the lot in the "larger" radio category.

In the slightly smaller category, my Grundig G4000A is my top performer of radios in that size (and competes quite well against the bigger ones). And it's one of my favorite overall radios as it's controls are very intuitive and easy. I just wish it had a tuning knob instead of the buttons; but the super-easy direct entry makes up for it.

vimal oberoi

How can anyone forget CC Radio-EP,with 200mm ferrite.As per Jay Allen review:

"It not only features top notch AM performance but it also about 2/3 the size and less than half the price of the excellent CC Radio-2, and it offers better sound to boot. The EP thus becomes the most sensitive AM radio in this size class. It is intuitive and simple to operate…just like a vintage AM/FM analog portable, the only added control is the Twin Coil AM Fine Tuning knob, but operation of that control becomes second nature after a short time."


Sorry to disagree with you BUT CCRadioSW is the BEST on AM sensitivity thanks to its Hi gain double gate RF FET transistor, if yours happens to be of low sensitivity it´s because its misaligned and if that the case then either aligned or return it.
The Grundig S350DL is just average on AM sensitivity. I´ve got both of them.


I agree with Huesby. I have a Redsun RP-2100 (identical to CCRadio SW) and it's the best AM radio I have. Excepting maybe the Eton E1, but that one does not have a ferrite antenna therefore working great only in an EMI-free environment.


I used to own the Kaito 2100 version of the CCRadio and it was the most sensitive AM radio I ever owned - unfortunately it just "died" after about 1 year of moderate use. But it remains to this day the only radio I have ever owned that could receive an intelligible signal on WMVP 1000 Chicago (265 miles straight-line distance away) during the daytime. Several of my Panasonic portables can just detect the signal, but not as good as my Kaito could.

S Patrick

The size of an ferrite antenna doesn't matter as much as other issues like internal noise, selectivity, and sensitivity. In fact, having too much antenna can be a burden and lead to overload and too much background noise.

And ferrites are way over-rated, give me a 50 long wire antenna pointed in the right direction with a radio with good gain control will easily beat any ferrite on the planet.


It's not just the antenna (in this case a ferrite loopstick) or the front end circuit that matters. It's both. They work together and are equally important.
They also have to be matched properly.

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