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September 04, 2012


Keith Rennie

My opinion is "no".


My vote is also "no" based in part on the material of the shoulder/carry strap. That said, some of these knock-offs are surprisingly good. I've seen the Bradford brand----have never had one of them----but if the price is right, it would be worth trying out.


Nope. "Bradford" was another brand by the same generic manufacture that made "Elecrtro Brand", "Stewart", and countless others. If you remember the multiple radios from back in the '70s with the oddball dial that split the AM band into "AM" and "Sports" like this one:

Or the seemingly endless variation of the "World Ranger" (all the same radio built into different cases and as different brands) such as:



Yes, those are all the same radio from the $100 "Realistic" version to the $25 Electro Brand.

Or the multiple versions of this:

That was the same outfit as "Bradford".
All in all not bad stuff for what it is, and probably better than it should be. Of course there are better radios to be had, but their multi-band radios are fun to dial around on for sure.

Tom Welch

Does anyone remember Henry's Radio???

Keith Beesley

LOL, I have owned quite a few of those "little bit of everything" multibands over the years. They are not great radios but fun to play with.

@Tom, no, what was Henry's Radio?

Bob Balser

Henrys Radio in Edgware Road? I do,there were a lot of radio shops there like a mini Tottenham Court Road


E-Bay 271051383058
I've seen this same radio sold under so many different brand names, I've lost count. Usually, they go for far less than this seller is looking for. I've always wondered how good these are----I like the disco lights!

Dave P.

I have the Radio Shack branded version of the 'World Ranger' radios mentioned above, Model # 12-795. While I do consider this radio an admirable performer, and fun to noodle with, the almost total absence of high-end (most noticeable on AM), means it mostly stays on the shelf as decoration. I've had good success on SW with a simple long-wire plugged into the front antenna jack, but again, the audio is a deal breaker for me. Anyone know if it's possible to adjust the tone output of this radio by fiddling with it inside?

Keith Beesley

Angelo, I have one branded as a "Craftsman." You'd like it--AM reception on mine is very strong, hears all the weak, "fringe" stations around here. Other bands have average reception. Audio is quite strong, too, easily heard across a large room, and it's a heavy portable, probably weighs 5 lbs./2 kg.

"MB" is a night-time band, like the lower SW bands, not much on it these days but it does cover the extended AM band from 1600-1700. SW works, but not very practical as the stations are packed in closely on the dial and there is no fine-tuning knob. When you press the dial light button, a white light illuminates the tuning dial, and a colored light shows you which band you're on--pretty cool!

It takes 4 'D' cells and they last forever. It would make a good emergency radio.


Thank you Keith----that sounds like a good endorsement! If I see a deal, I will go for it.


E-Bay 290720351335
I have the Allied version of this radio. It's shown here as an Aircastle---and I'm sure I've seen it as at least one other brand, though I can't remember which brand that might have been. Heavy, decent quality radio. There are several of these currently for sale on E-Bay----including a very cheap Allied with a few problems that might not be deal breakers. I like the shape of this radio and heft.


Two more really nice radios currently bidding on E-Bay: 150892282595 and 251146400487 I have a Wards radio very similar to the one here----and it's a great set. The GE radio looks like an evolution of one of my all time favorite radios, the GE P780. I would snag these myself----except I'm now trying to get a old Sony----and I'm running out of space!


Finally, one more: E-Bay 320975128547

I just bought a Sony TFM-8000W for twenty five bucks! So I won't be needing this other Sony listed----haven't seen this one often. I like the looks of it. But I can't stand auctions on E-Bay that have reserves. BS.


This radio is good on AM, so so in FM and very good on SW. Ebay item 230845944357
Besides it´s UHF


Huesby: Do you know if the other Realistic radios like this one (for example, the CB 60 or Astronauts) are as good as the SW 60?

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