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November 30, 2012



Between that, and the Tecsun 660-PL completely destroying the 909X in nearly all categories for half the price, has Sangean lost their touch? The ATS-818 was probably the best radio Sangean made performance wise.

Emmett Salberg

Staples is still "selling" the BT- Blue Tooth version on its website:


even though it's not the BT model. I reported the problem to them over 10 days ago. They acknowledged their website was wrong, but apparently they didn't feel it was necessary to change it.


Why didn't anyone just turn one on and listen to it before trashing their company's reputation by releasing it to the consumer?

Ford Edsel anyone?

Tom Welch

Sangean has had a stellar record when releasing new products and should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen.


Why I'm never an early adopter!


Conniesdad----I get your analogy, but I need to point out, the Edsel was a capable car that looked like hell. This radio looks great but performs like hell.


I have to give them credit for stepping up to the plate on this one. It takes a pair to stand up like that and admit you messed up, let alone stop production. They could have easily kept quiet and just kept right on stamping them out, but they didn't.



I still say it looks like a mutant guitar amp....lol.

keith beesley

Evidently they care enough about their reputation to not let this mistake slip by unacknowledged and uncorrected.

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