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November 12, 2012


Bob C.

Wow, the part about FM reception is disquieting (no pun intended)! My Sony is TERRIBLE on FM with poor selectivity and lackluster sensitivity, so if the Tecsun is worse..... Well, that would be pretty lame indeed.

With all due respect to Mark, I think I'd like to hear a second opinion on this aspect of the comparison.


I dunno, My experience with the FM on the Tecsun is FAR superior to my experience with the FM on the Sony.


I enjoy doing side by side comparisons but I'm more comfortable comparing receivers on shortwave. If there's anyone interested in doing a more intensive comparison on FM, MW and LW, I'd love to read it.

In the case of FM I started with an unusual station on 87.7, outside the officially allocated FM band. It's actually an analog TV station out of NYC, that broadcasts nothing more than a test pattern on video but has a fairly complete audio programming schedule, mostly in russian. This station came in with full quieting on the Sony while there was a lot of static on the Tecsun.

I started tuning both receivers up from there and noted that the 7600gr did a better job pulling in weaker stations, and this trend continued all the way to the top of the band.

The Sony did seem to be relatively worse in terms of selectivity, but it isn't easy to make a definitive call when the two receivers are so mismatched in terms of sensitivity.

Maybe the sensitivities I saw were simply due to variations in production lots. In testing from 530 kHZ to 30 mHz and seeing almost identical performance, the FMBCB was the only area that showed a marked difference.

Again, if anyone else is willing to do a side by side comparison, I'd really enjoy reading it!


Mark - In my experience, many Chinese radios have quite a bit of sample to sample variation, so this may have affected your comparison on FM.

Robert Richmond

I do not have much to offer on the FM side of the discussion, but I find the PL-660 roughly "equivalent" to the 7600GR for HF reception. PL-660 certainly wins on audio quality; a known deficiency with the 7600 series. I have a sync modified 7600GR currently needing repaired, and I have not even bothered since moving a PL-660 into its place as a bedside radio.

With that said, my bedside radio is fed via a choice of an 150' beverage-on-ground or an 18' end-fed vertical depending upon bands and conditions, along with a preselector and active amplifier. YMMV if comparing radios using the onboard antennas.


Hmmmm. FM reception, both sensitivity and selectivity, on my 660 is about as good as that of any radio I own, certainly superior to that of the 7600 which I owned for about 2 years and now longer have. And the 660 audio as per Robert's comment, is much, much better.

Maybe sample to sample variation at work here?



My G5 speaker went dead after I was in the case trying to repair the antenna. The earphones and "out" jack still work though. I love the radio but the durability just wasn't there. At that price you more than 3 years of good service.

I may give the PL-660 a try if I can get one at a decent price. I have to say a tuning knob is a must for me now.


If the sample variation is so wide as to persuade some owners that FM sensitivity is great and others it is poor, is this any recommendation to buy the product? I'm not so sure...

FARMERIK/Richard Hayden

I have both the '7600G and '7600GR and like the audio much better on the GR. With the G model the audio is too thin with little of the audio frequencies of a male voice.

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