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December 31, 2012



It's difficult to answer the last question since watch tastes are subjective and Seiko makes more subtle watches than Invicta.

I think the Benarus Megaladon is a show stopper but so is the less expensive Invicta Offshore Russian Diver Retrograde.

Looking for wow watches with good materials can get pricey, well over $1,000.


Size preference is a matter of perception and what you're "calibrated" to. When I was deep into my Invictaddiction this past summer and was buying 52mm watches, anything much smaller seemed...puny. My first Seiko, the SNAD61 which is 45mm across the bezel, seemed tiny - I remember loving the look of it but being disappointed with its size.

But gradually my tastes changed, as did my "size calibration." Now the SNAD61 seems perfect in its size and the 52mm Invictas seem massive and silly (I'm selling all but one or two). My preferred range is 44-48mm, with anything over 50mm or so too big. But I've got relatively average wrists at 7.25."

That said, you sound like a pretty big guy. What is your wrist size and height? You might want to start with a larger Seiko - either the SNZ267, which is a very Invicta-esque watch and a nice size (great recommendation, Jeff), or a Velatura, which is also pretty big for a Seiko. Also, check out some other brands: Festina, Stuhrling Original, and Android, all of which make largish watches (although none are as good quality as Seiko, as far as I can tell).

But again, you'll find that it will take some time to re-calibrate your size preference but it will happen. I'd start with a watch in the 46-50mm range and get used to that. Your White Samurai is 45mm and I'm pretty sure you'd be disappointed with its size if you got it now. But if you get it in a few months after "re-calibrating" with a couple slightly larger watches, you'll enjoy the White Samurai more - plus you'll have something to look forward to!

For another really nice white watch with "manly" Invicta feel, you might also want to check out the Seiko SKA421. The only place I've seen it on the internet is NY Watch Store:


The SKA421 (and the all-black SKA425, which I own and love) wears big for a Seiko - like the SNZ267.

By the way, do you own any Invicta Ocean Reefs or Ocean Speedways? Those are similar in size to the watches recommended above.

Good luck and let us know what you come up with.

Keith Beesley

My focus for the new year is going to be less on acquiring more "things," more on developing new skills and interests, meeting new people, becoming a better and more interesting person. At least, that's what I'm telling myself now ;-)


Good words, Keith. I'd like to be less anti-social but I doubt that will change much. Being social on blogs, facebook, etc., isn't the same as being social in "real life."

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