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December 22, 2012



I can't comment on the 450, but I will say that my S350DL has provided quite a few nights of enjoyable SW listening. As for AM, I'm definitely in the 'vintage' camp. For my money, there has never been a radio as capable, reliable and durable as the original Superadios. Well, maybe not stellar in the durable category, but if not abused, will last seemingly forever. The CC EP was a welcome sight, but time will tell. My 2 Superadios are 25+ years old, and are still my 'go to' units more times than not. I wonder how many EP's will still be in service 25 years from now? I hope I'm around to find out.

Bob Balser

In this day & age you've got to forget the good name Grundig once had,their now mass produced in China & sets come out of the factory with different brand names.


Bill is right----go vintage if you want a real radio. My favorite new radio in the last few years has been the C Crane EP, which is a retro exercise anyway----trying to be like the vintage sets in simplicity and even design. Here's the thing: It is plastic where the vintage sets are chrome and leather (or high grade vinyl). Where the vintage sets are plastic, the plastic is superior---thicker, heavier, richer finish. I do like the CC-EP, but the FM drift has become increasingly annoying. I have old radios (not only Sony, Panasonic and Zenith, but also Ross, Lloyds and Arvin) that do not drift at all on FM----while the new EP does this----forcing me to get up, walk over and re-tune. I don't like that. It borders on unacceptable. There are 1960s and '70s Japanese radios all over E-Bay for under $50.00, that tune great, sound fine and will outlast all but the most expensive radios being offered today. My advice is to find one, clean it up and get ready for more decades of good service from these oldies.


I tried so very hard to like the S450DXL, but to me it just doesn't make it. Nobody wants to come home with a nice new radio to play with and just outright dislike it.
It looks cool, has reasonably good sound, and I love it's ergonomics, but it's performance leaves too much to be desired.

It squeals when you're tuning, has hetrodines (whistles) on several frequencies on the MW/AM dial, overloads at the drop of a hat (very bad in a fairly strong RF environment such as being within 1/2 mile of a radio tower), and it's selectivity is strictly average.

I couldn't agree with you more. I love my old Panasonic RF-2200, Realistic DX-440 and 400, GE Superadios, and even some of the old cheezy multi-band radios. There was a point in time when they really knew how to put one together.

Sure they make some interesting and fun stuff in this day and age, but to me they just don't have the...well...soul for lack of a better word...of older radios.

Bill DeFelice

While I enjoyed my Sony 2001 and RatShack DX-302 I find myself gravitating back to the radio of my childhood. Back when I was a pre-teen my father dragged home an old E.H. Scott SLR-12B military "morale" radio for me:

(Not mine, but it's the right model)

Between the fact I could heat part of my basement with it, starting to run low on tubes for it as well as the fact it should probably be re-capped it's a great radio when connected to a good antenna. It drifts a little until thoroughly warmed up but for 67 years old I'm pretty happy with it.

Now if I could only make it a portable!


Angelo - My current, hand picked CCRadio-EP has developed a problem. On a cold start, tuning on AM causes a shuffling or rumbling sound through the speaker. Maybe there is a problem with the tuning capacitor. This is disappointing, and doesn't bode well for the radio's longevity.

And my spare CCRadio-SW, which was always 1 kHz off on AM, sounds slightly distorted on AM compared to some of my other radios (for example, the EP or my other SW), even when tuned as well as possible (1 kHz low). Also disappointing.

I just want things that work well, but that seems harder to find than it should be.


Gary: It's a shame hearing about the problems with those radios. Frankly, CC customer service is so good, if I have good money to spend on a new radio, I WANT to buy it from them. They are one of the last places that are actually keeping the hobby interesting----trying to be innovative and trying to deliver quality. But when all roads seem to originate in China----and cutting corners seems to be of utmost importance----we get what we get. Crap. That's why I advocate for the golden oldies on E-Bay or elsewhere. There are thousands of them available----and they were built to last many decades, so they are still viable as everyday receivers. I'm over wanting to "open the package and be the first to use it." I just want something good, something reliable----something that will last. Hard to find indeed, in the "new" market at least.


An overlooked but really special "classic" is the Grundig 2001. Can be had for less than $200 on ebay. Highly recommended.


Ed - Is this the one you're talking about?



Correction, make that the Grundig Transistor 6001. Sorry.


In wood or chrome and black trim cabinet, it's a Big portable radio:


Ed - Thanks. That makes more sense. The 2001 is a very big, tube table radio from the early 1950s. I suspect they command a high price, as they should after 60 years.

Jay Allen wrote a nice article about the Grundig 210/6001.


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