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December 19, 2012



Is there any indication on the battery life of these cute little radios? I occasionally get obsessed with small pocket radios and have an urge to collect them. I currently have a small dirt-cheap AM/FM/AIR radio that runs on three AAs and gives me about 525 hours of FM listening. Not bad for a no-name brand from a flea-market - going strong for about 15 years now.


I have the SRF18 and while I can't give you the exact hours of battery life, I can tell you it's quite good. The first set of batteries (cheapie alkalines) are from Fathers Day (received the radio) and they died the other night (while replacing the car battery, ironically). I use the radio in the garage and doing yard work...probably 10-12 hrs a week and mostly FM and as a mini amp that my iPhone plugs into. It does require a little more power to power 2 speakers but worth the stereo sound.


What are the differences between the Sony ICF F10 and the Sony ICF-18. They seem nearly identical. Also, could you compare the audio quality of the ICF-F10 with the Sony ICF 38?


Sony ICF-F18

Battery life:
FM: Approx. 200 hours
AM: Approx. 220 hours


Sony ICF-F10

Battery life: also 200+ hours AM/FM


The radios look identical. One goes for $15 on amazon, the other for $25.

vimal oberoi

ICF-18,inside pics.


Keith Beesley

Thanks, Nathan, nice review.


Thanks for the information. Not quite in the same league as my humble Lloytron though.


No problem, doing these video reviews is fun. Sony's radio naming convention is more confusing than it needs to be. When I first ordered the ICF-F10 they sent me an ICF-S10. They gotta throw the warehouse workers a bone!

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