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December 28, 2012



I think so, the Asus tablet I own has a keyboard dock that also houses an extra battery. When it is attached it is basically a small notebook. The keyboard is 90% size, so it's fine for my slow typing. It isn't as powerful as a Windows laptop, but the battery life is 3x better. Since this is the big growth segment in computer I would expect tablets to replace laptops with 3 years for 70% of users, the last 30% being gamers and professionals who need more horsepower.


Don't forget about storage space. Maybe everyone will be "clouding it" by then, but I don't know - there's something about having all of your files on your own rig, rather than owned by Google or Microsoft.

My big issue with tablets is the lack of a keyboard - I know you can have a dock, but for me I really like a built-in keyboard (I type very fast and am a writer). At some point the miniaturization of technology meets the boundaries of the physical human being.

I haven't even gone the route of smartphone yet, so I guess I'd get an iphone before a tablet and at that point I don't really see the point of owning a laptop, smartphone AND tablet.


I love my Nexus 7 tablet and it is what I use for all casual needs such as surfing the web, catching up on Twitter, watching YouTube and Netflix, and even some light shopping and banking functions. I can use my tablet in a pinch to remote in and fix things at work but it is clunky.

I still use my laptop for any writing because even though the bluetooth keyboard is ok, the software in Android lacks plenty for most writing, blogging, and most other things I have to do for work.

I think the tablet has firmly killed the netbook and I think for casual users, a tablet can do most of what they want. I wouldn't call a tablet a laptop replacement but more of a companion. It's just let me spend less time on the laptop.


I don't own a laptop, but my Nexus 7 is a nice thing to have to supplement my desktop. I plan to use it for astronomy (SkySafari Plus app), GPS (currently trying NavFree for offline maps), and backup of my digital cameras while on the road (USB OTG cable is on order, and I'll try the Nexus Media Importer app).

I've also installed Netflix (just to see how it works, and it seems fine) and Kindle for Android (it works, but I'll probably use my Kindle Paperwhite for most reading, as it's easier on the eyes and more fully featured than the Android app). Just for fun, I installed a couple of free apps that show ocean tides and moon/sun rise/set times.

Android and iOS are like Palm was 10 years ago, with thousands of useful and free or inexpensive apps covering almost any hobby or interest.


Don't for forget the TuneIn Radio app and I Heart Radio.

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