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January 13, 2013



I agree with you on the aspect ratio. With more and more HD content being the norm now, its less of a problem now than it was a few years ago, but so many stations stretched their standard 4:3 programming to a 16:9 ratio (infamously coined "stretch-o-vision" ) and it just looked awful. And it was impossible with the settings on most tv sets to restore the original ratio.

Its also amazing to me how many people I know (even today) have a standard definition feed to their big screen tv but have it set to stretched. I seriously don't know how people can watch tv like that.

If I were in charge, I would have set the standard to 14:9 (halfway between 16:9 and 4:3) - stretched programming wouldn't look nearly so bad and at the same time movies could have been cut a little less severely to fit a 14:9 screen compared to a 4:3 screen.

And on a side note, the only thing I hate more than 16:9 tv screens is 16:9 computer monitors.

And on that note, don't get me started on LCD vs. CRT either. Even to this day, a good CRT monitor produces a better all-around picture than even the best LCD monitor. You can't beat the viewing angles, response times, and color accuracy of a high-end (or even mid-level) CRT monitor. Unfortunately my 24" Sony 16:10 CRT monitor died last year - fortunately I found an adequate replacement with a Philips 22" 4:3 CRT monitor. But good CRTs are becoming more scarce by the day.

A. Black

It may be that the way HD will be used will not be to bring higher definition but to allow more channels to fit on the same spectrum. The availability of effectively new spectrum might allow established radio stations to broaden their reach into new geographical markets via HD in those new markets, or new stations might arise to fill the spectrum.


I think HD is better... But what is a real crock is this new Super HD now coming out, studies have proven the human eye can't tell the difference unless you are within inches of the TV.

TV's today are incredible, far cheaper then just a few years ago, I bet Angelo's 32 inch TritonTon cost three times as much as a 32 inch TV cost today, especially when factoring in inflation.

The one thing I don't like about HDTV is that tuning through the channels is much slower then standard cable used to be.

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