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January 21, 2013



Wow, didn't know Pat left too. If Larry Mantle leaves I will stop listening; there will be no point.


Sometimes Pat Morrison subs for Mantle bu that's not good enough. Their changes have been for the worse.

Tom Welch

Many of the changes NPR stations have made in the past is b/c NPR is seeking a younger audience, anyway I miss Brand.

BTW, has anyone on this blog have any experience with these newly featured radios on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Supersonic-Band-Radio-Card-Slot/dp/B00633U7CO/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top There appears to be several different and cheap models under the same brand name.

Keith Beesley

Tom, there's a four-star review on Amazon by "Drive-In-Freak," who I assume is the same individual who posts using that alias here. Here is that review:

"There are two speakers on this one, but there's no mention on here about it having stereo sound. I thought it would be mono, but it's not...not entirely anyway. The SD and USB slots play back in stereo (including though the headphone jack), but the FM isn't mpx compatible (it's mono).

The radio tuner about average (it has the same exact tuner as another radio I got from here:SUPERSONIC 11 BAND AM/FM/SW RADIO WITH USB & SD CARD SLOT (SC-1089). It's no DX receiver, but both FM and MW/AM are reasonably sensitive and selective (for the price). The MW/AM on this particular example tunes up to 1700 KHz (this being the second radio it's a safe bet they all do), so it does include the new "X band". The SW bands are about what you would expect for something in this price range: it's not going to win any contests, but it works reasonably well for what it is.
The FM dial is a bit out of calibration, but it's not difficult to navigate. Also the tuning dial is the old backwards European style for some reason..right to left.

The SD and USB slots work as they should and again in stereo (though it's a very basic player, and of course there is no readout) and it is SDHC (more than 2GB) compatible. My only complaint is that it does not scan through tracks. Holding down the "REW" or "FF" button raises and lowers the volume. This is a bit of a pain when playing back podcasts should you decide to stop playback. I use an easy to find and free program to split podcasts into 2 minute tracks, so the issue is not that big of a deal.

Overall the sound quality is alright (not shrill or harsh at all), and it puts of a reasonable amount of volume. You'll have no problem hearing it outside at all. It also sound quite good though a pair of headphones and puts out enough power to seriously rock even the most inefficient 'phones...a nice touch.

I felt a bit silly at first for picking up two radios that are so very much alike, but I'm glad I did. For the price it's hard to beat, and I love the idea of at long last having a real radio (not just FM) that will play back MP3 files as well, especially though speakers."

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