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February 07, 2013



Reading Nathan's description of the speaker sound, this radio sounds like a loser to me. I feel more intrigued by the upcoming Sangean WR-22BT.



...and look, Rat Shack is selling an old friend of ours.


Of course, Amazon is selling our old friend for less. If Amazon has "another close-out" and they are back at 25 bucks, shipping included----I'll probably get one.

Ken K. in NJ

Angelo, I'd think twice about buying one if Amazon has a $25 special. I bought one for (I think) $21.95 from Amazon on closeout a few years ago and it was awful. Misaligned like crazy, images all over the place, bascially unusable, both on AM and FM.


Ken: Reading the reviews, you see some that are what you describe---and others who love the sound and reception of the radio. So it would be like buying a 25.00 lottery ticket and either hitting the lottery or losing----but maybe a 50/50 chance! Sad but true---the quality control is that bad and the lots are that inconsistent.


"The Bluetooth feature works well and is easy enough that a Mac user could figure it out"


You really made me laught !!!....

Ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ah !!!! Thanks Nathan.

Thomas Tinta

Monday November 30, 2015: I just unboxed and tested my new Sangean WR 12 BT. Here are my initial impressions.

Looks: The WR 12 BT comes in a dark walnut finished cabinet with black speaker grill, tuner panel, and controls. My first impression is that the WR 12 BT is a handsome retro (1970s style) radio and is solidly built.

Tuning: Early reports from 3 years ago suggested that the tuner drifted too much. I found no significant drifting on local stations during the day. It should be noted that I have separate tunable AM and FM antennae for DXing distant stations (in other states at night). During this test, I got some slight drift out. However, these stations would also drift back in on their own without adjustments. Clearly, atmospherics plays a part.

Sound: Early reports from 3 years ago suggested that the sound was very muddled. One reviewer went so far as to not recommend this radio. I found that the tone controls offered sufficient adjustment for any room environment. However, compared to the almost antiseptic sound we now get from digital radios, Sangean makes the WR 12 BT sound softer and warmer, almost as if its a tube radio, which it isn’t. Maybe those softer, warmer tones result from the real walnut cabinet. In addition, the sound has a definite 3D aspect to it. The front speakers throw their mids and highs forward, while the woofer projects backwards. Now I realize that’s where the speakers physically are in the cabinet, but I didn’t expect to hear this 3D effect so easily.

Bluetooth: To my knowledge, there have never been any reviews complaining about the Bluetooth compatibility of the WR 12 BT and I’m no exception. My iPhone was able to synch with the radio in less than 5 seconds. It actually took me longer to make a music selection. By the way, the sound level of the radio reduces on it’s own when you connect via Bluetooth. This is because the radio wants you to adjust the volume using your phone as a remote. Remember, with a bluetooth connection, your phone turns the WR 12 BT into an internet radio, so you can play anything from anywhere.

Quality: My first impression is favorable enough, that I don’t anticipate any quality control issues. But, if I have problems down the road, I’ll post an update. If no update, that means no problems.

Recommendation: If you’re the kind of person who must have modern crystal clear digital sound, or if you wish the WR 12 BT had station presets, digital tuning and a remote control, then this radio may not be for you. But if you like the 1970’s retro look of the real walnut cabinet, the retro backlit analog tuner, and if the softer, warmer, Hi-Fi retro sound appeals to you, then this ‘old school’ radio is for you.

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