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February 04, 2013



There are two different things here, as I see it. One are "sub-collections" within the larger collection of certain styles or brands. The other is a "pre" and "post" differentation - pre/post some kind of change in taste or conversation. The latter better describes what I was talking about, which is based upon a relatively radical shift in my tastes - which is rather similar to your own "conversion" experience.

For me it really started at the beginning of September. Looking at my September Wishlist, most of the watches are Invictas with a few Seikos, Festinas, and Citizens sprinkled in.

By the way, Jeff, you might want to re-read this exchange between us from late September:


At that point was teetering, still more focused on Invictas but now turning more towards Seiko - and the SNAD05 was what really opened the door for me. And then my tastes continued to change, but I was still into Invictas - purchasing two Ocean Reefs in early October on the Sunday Run (at least one of which I'm going to sell).

And then on October 21 I wrote the following post, "I Might Be Done with Honkin Huge Watches But I'm Not Done with Invicta":


That marked my full transition from big watches. A few days later I wrote a post "Changin of the Watch Guard." I purchased two more Seikos, the SNAD33 and SNAD06, but I don't think it was until November that my conversion was complete. It was in November that I bought the SSC015 and the SKA425, and from that point on - for the last three plus months, really - I haven't worn anything but Seiko, with my newer Citizen sprinkled in.

(I should probably be reserving all of this for my own blog, but I suppose it isn't inappropriate given my "starring role" in your blog entry).

I won't say that I'll never buy another Invicta again, but I'm just not focused on it. If Invicta starts cranking out a whole line of mid-size Subaqua Specialty Reserves and Sea Hunters, they'll at least catch my attention. But going forward I see my focus remaining on Seiko, with a bit of Citizen, Festina, and Orient sprinkled in, and any branching out being on smaller or lesser known brands like Prometheus and Yema.

The short version of the above is that Invicta was synonymous to my adolescent phase of watch collecting, whereas Seiko is more mature. Further refinements (and maturation) going forward are deeper layers, more subtle approaches like the Prometheus Baiji (which is looming larger and larger in my mind).

I imagine that, a year from now, the bulk of my collection is Seiko with a few of a bunch of different brands sprinkled in. What I'm not sure about is if I'll go through a "die off" of unworn Seikos like I've been doing with Invicta; I'm already considering selling two or three Seikos that I haven't been wearing. Even if I do, it won't be as drastic as the Invicta - the Seiko style has a much longer lasting appeal, at least for me.

Again, I apologize for being so damn wordy!


Weird - I wrote an excessively long response to this post and it disappeared. Did I get censored? I don't THINK I said anything too gauche! Ha ha.


I find I still have an Invicta side to me evidenced by my temptation to get the Sting Ray, the all gray and all black Akulas, etc. But I balk now because I know the euphoria with a flashy watch tends to be short-lived.


Yeah, I hear that - an urge comes on for me every once in awhile as well, although it has been months since I sat there re-freshing the Sunday Run page, hoping for an Ocean Reef or SAS or something else.

I almost bid on a 5659 SAS, which is the mid-size version of the blue dial 5219 that I sold and loved but was too big, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Something is lost for me - the feeling of an Invicta just doesn't inspire me anymore.

I'm wearing my SKZ267 today and it has really grown on me. In some ways it is very Invicta-ish and satisfies that urge for something big and bold.

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