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March 20, 2013



Based on his comment about the two D batteries, it sounds like Bill is referring to the ICF-F10, not the ICF-S10 pocket radio.


Gary, I think you're right. Thanks.

Chris in Michigan

Hello all,

If you think that is something? Take a look at this Sony radio that looks just like the ICF-F10 but has a 3rd band. A shortwave band SW - 5 , 9/18 MHz. The model is Sony ICF-F12S. I could not find it on Amazon but it sure would be nice to try one out.


Chris in Michigan


I'm waiting for a comparison between the ICF F10 and the ICF 38. Every time I get a 38, I end up giving it away to some one, so I can't presently make the comparison myself. These two radios are comparable, though. The F10 has a fuller audio quality, but the 38 may have slightly better reception. Yet, there's a price difference of about $12.

I wonder if - in spite of all the claims to the contrary - analog dial radios with a mere two bands are growing increasingly popular. They have an immediacy to them, with nothing to "set up" or "program." I think we middle-aged guys who have done our best to adjust to the mad technological race - learning computer and all in our forties or so, and finding it to seem a bit unnatural - get a certain relief when we find such simple radios. They give us a chance to take a breath and reconsider that we ultimately don't like so much technology - or at least, so much constant change and sophistication in technology. There's nothing like clicking an "on" switch, choosing a band, turning a frequency dial, and then adjusting the volume knob. Ahhh, so easy.

At least, that's where I find myself these days.


To give a couple examples of the popularity of simple radios, on Amazon there are presently 691 reviews of the Sony ICF 38, and 1,163 reviews of the Sony ICF S10MK2. Surely these numbers mean something.


I have both radios: - Sony ICF-F10 and Sony ICF -38.
Sony ISF-F10 has better tone. Important factor is a two D buttery in F10.When I turn on F10, very often I turn knob by 75-90 percent volume. It is laud and sounds good. Since I bought F10 I listen few days for few hours every day!!!! It has a same sound .I like tuning knob and volume knob. Sony ICF-10 has lighter plastic, no handle,-strap.no AC, only DC. FM-frequency selectivity and sensitivity both radio same.AM-I think selectivity is very similar or slightly better on ICF-38, but sensitivity slightly better on F10.
Sony ICF -38 better build, has handle, no knobs AC cord inside radio, and 4 DC- AA buttery with intensive listening faster drain. ICF-38 has green tuning leg and better antenna movement by 360 degree.
Sony ICF-F10 doesn’t have tuning leg and only 180 degree antenna movement. Each radio has own benefit. My preference is a Sony ICF-F10 because better sound for me, and long life buttery, I don’t have to looking for AC plug.
I hope its help.

Michael Brent

I have to agree with Tim. Although I am older,64,I don't think my increasing appreciation of simple analog radios has anything to do with the good old days.
They are just easier to use.
Ive bought and sold maybe a dozen digital SW radios in the past few years. After a while I realized I was spending more time fiddling with them than listening to them.
Last year I got a BNIB Grundig G5 on E-bay for $125.00. The last production run that has the anti-static diodes already installed. I've always wanted one.
Great radio, despite the memory system from hell.
(100 pages with 7 slots per page? Who's idea was this?)
After a while it seemed more of a gadget than a radio. Now it sits in a box in my closet untouched.
Ive got an ICF-38 I listen to all the time.
Great radio, cost $25.00


The same goes for me, Michael. It isn't nostalgia; it's an honest preference for the simple. And the results are again the same for me: a simpler radio means more actual listening, and less messing around with the impressive features.


Just got an F10. Haven't had time to make serious tests, but I'm more than impressed. Good natural sound, simple to operate. Seems more sensitive than expected, both bands are full of listenable signals. Surprised at how good FM music sounds. At $13 this could be the best value in radios right now. If you need a workhorse for the garage or the yard, I don't see how it can be beat.

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