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March 25, 2013



Yes, but the PL-660 does have those irritating flaws. The way everything seems to be off frequency by 1 KHz. The strong internally generated spurious signal that blanks a spot a few KHz either side of 970 KHz on the AM dial, wandering around slightly, and shows up in occasional multiples in the SW dial too. The performance on MW that is merely OK in the parts of the dial that aren't blanked.

Mine is the second 660 I bought. The first was worse. It does perform well on shortwave, although again you have to tune what the dial says is 1 KHz off to get the best signal. But aside from the 660's many convenient tuning feature my Redsun 2200 is far superior in MW and sound, and equal in SW. (It better be better at something; it's the size of a lunchbox!)

I keep thinking this, my second 660, is defective, but from what I read online they just work like this. Given that the synchronized detector just seems to add noise to whatever I'm trying to listen to, I might have been happier with the PL-600. I understand though that the 600 doesn't have the easy tune method, which is nice, and I've never played with one so I don't know whether it performs any better than the 660 in the problem areas I've found with that set. I hesitate to send off for one, since if it wasn't significantly better than what I have (for MW especially) i'd just be disappointed with it and probably wouldn't use it.

vimal oberoi

NHK Radio Japan to end shortwave service to North America
Posted on March 25, 2013 by Thomas


No offset tuning on the 660s I have used and owned. You might want to RMA that unit if possible.

I do not have much comment on MW, as I am not much for domestic content. I am primarily interested in HF recption. The 660 can usually maintain decent selectivity even my larger outdoor antennas. Admittedly, I do have a preselector available, but it is not usually required unless I am really trying to dig out signals from the noise floor.


RobRich.....Which preselector are you using?


I typically use a MFJ-1020c since it can preselect plus has a variable amp/attenuator. BTW, toss the included tiny aerial, which is largely useless IMO, or just opt for the MFJ-1045C without the bundled aerial instead.


The 660 is a very good radio, but I also have the 1khz off issue on AM, but not on USB/LSB. And I hate with the 660, you can't get the antenna to stick straight up in the air while on it's stand. And it's not very good on AM. but for shortwave listening, this radio is king for the portables.

Another prob with the 7600 is that it hasn't been in production for several years now, you're buying surplus stock now that has been sitting around for a while. Plus no tuning knob.

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