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March 18, 2013



It's interesting to note that the older Redsun RP-2100 (aka CCRadio-SW), on which the S450DLX is apparently based, actually works much better as far as internal noise is concerned. It's not a good sign when a manufacturer's later products are actually inferior to their earlier models.

Michael Brent

I tried two different 450,s from two different Radio Shacks and they both had that same problem.
Damn shame.


Confirmed here as well, especially with the bundled power adapter. For whatever it is worth, the noise is more tolerable on batteries.

I have not bothered trying it, but the ground side of the AM antenna terminal is probably a common ground point for the radio, so one might try adding external grounding to help with the noise floor. YMMV.


I've tied ground it, but it still squeals like a stuck pig.

I have3 been tempted to pick up one of those Kaito KA-2100/Redsun RP-2100/CC SW radios, but never pulled the trigger on one.

To be honest that's why I got the S450DLX. I saw it at Rat Shack and thought that it looked so much like the Kaito/Resun/CC that maybe it would be close to the same. Nope. They got me again. You'd think after all of their Superadio clones and so called "extreme range" models (that are anything but) I would have leaned by now, but in all fairness this one didn't have Radio Shack stamped on it.
Also it's quite nice to be able to walk into someplace locally and get as new shortwave radio, and not have to wait on the mailman to bring it to you.

Bob Balser

Oh for the days when Grundig were made in Germany or Portugal,I used to buy the latest model every year of their Satellit range from the first Multiband transistor model in the mid sixties until the last European model before they were made in China, Grundig is just a name from the past now of excellent products

Rob Rich

Unless someone has specific needs, I generally recommend the Techsun PL-660 for a portable SWL these days. I have had one unit fail prematurely, but otherwise, it is probably the best buy currently in the sub-$300 SWL receiver market. Superb sensitivity, decent selectivity, and adequate sound quality.

It would be even better with the PL-660 board in a "field radio" casing with bigger buttons, bass+treble controls, and a larger speaker - IMO, of course. I would probably pay $200-$250 for a such an offering from Tecsun if available. Anyway....

And no, before anyone goes there, I have little interest in a Grundig 750. ;p

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