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April 26, 2013



Yes you can play ITunes on your WR-22.

First you have to enable ITunes home sharing, if not already done so.
Instructions can be found here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4557
In order to stream ITunes must be running.

Pairing is dependent of your device.
First select source Bluetooth on your WR-22 and then press the tuning knob or "Select" on your remote.

On my HP desktop (Windows 7, 64 bit) with Sitecom mini USB Bluetooth adapter:
The Sitecom driver software placed a Sangean WR-22 icon on my desktop. By clicking it pairing is completed within seconds.

On my Ipad (IOS 6.1.3):
Go to Settings -> Bluetooth -> select Sangean WR-22 to pair both devices.

Pairing with my HTC phone is almost identical to the Ipad.

On my older Dell Latitudes D620 and D830 (Windows 7, 32 bit), without the original Dell drivers, it is a little bit more complicated.
First I have to remove the Sangean WR-22 from the Bluetooth Device list: right click the Bluetooth icon and select Show Bluetooth devices.
In the list first remove Sangean WR-22 , then select: add a device and let Windows detect the Sangean WR-22 and install the drivers, which takes up to one minute.
But this procedure may be caused by not using the original Dell drivers, which, to my knowledge, are not available for Windows 7.

Some thoughts about the WR-22:
Sound and controls are almost identical to the WR-2.
There are now 2 independent alarms, which can be easily set, a major improvement.
You can choose between once, daily, weekdays and weekend and wake up with buzzer, FM, AM or USB.
The display is a question of taste, time is always displayed now. Dimmer on the WR-2 works better.
Tone control is now +/- 5 steps (WR-2 +/-7 steps), volume control 30 steps (WR-2 60 steps).
There is a build in loudness, which can be disabled.
The handy Mute on the remote disappeared.
The alu front has been replaced by (cheaper?) 2 mm thick plastic, but the overall impression is still of a solid build radio.
There is NO line-out anymore, it’s replaced by a volume control dependent subwoofer out, which is useless, one thing this bass-rich radio doesn’t need is a subwoofer. Line out would be great for recording.
The headphone socket moved from front to back, a big disadvantage.
Big plus of course is the USB connector on the front.

FM reception is comparable to the WR-2.
About AM I don’t know, in Europe this is less important for me.
Instead for Europe they should have integrated DAB+, to make the radio future-proof.

And when using for instance tunein.com this a fully functional internet radio.

But all in all I’m very happy with this radio, I don’t regret buying it, nevertheless I will keep my 2 WR-2’s and of course my WR-11 and WR-1.


Got myself a WR-22 - love it, great sound and looks great.

I am having some issues with Bluetooth. I can pair a device, hear the beep on the WR-22 and it works.

But the Pairing... menu stays on all the time, the BT blue light keeps flashing, like it's still looking to pair. Is there a step missing, or a button I need to press.. would love to see the device name and a steady blue light, the manual states that is what should happen! Am I missing something?


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