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April 20, 2013



I have a watch from the same series. The only complaint I have is that the lume is miserable.


Here's another review that discusses the lume.


"The lume quality is also above average. It is not in the Seiko range, but some steps above the usual wanting Casio quality."


Gary, I currently have an MDV-106 strapped to my wrist... It's a very nice watch, despite the poor lume. Is there a better diver in this price range? I doubt it.


Thanks for your input, David. I guess you can't have everything for $39. I still think it's a good looking watch.

I wish Casio made a solar version so the watch wouldn't have to be cracked open every few years to replace the battery, and possibly compromising the water resistance in the process.

J Maffuccio

I ordered one last night, perfect watch for banging around with...don't need lume during the day. My automatic Seiko has been jumping ahead a few minutes each day, and I'm wondering if that is from bouncing around in my bike bag when commuting to work. Quartz may be the way to go in that instance.


I also bought one of the Casio MDV106-1A watches, which I received yesterday. Here are my initial impressions.


- It's nicer looking in person than in the pictures
- The chrome outlines around the hands and lume markers look classy
- The dial has a "sunburst" reflection when held in the sun
- The 120-click, unidirectional bezel works well
- The band is softer than the resin bands on some other Casio watches I've seen


- The lume is a little weaker than I'd like and is applied unevenly, giving the hands a "mottled" look in the dark. (Actually my Casio AQS800WD-1EV solar watch has better lume, and it's not even a diver watch.)
- The second hand alignment varies a lot depending whether the watch is horizontal or vertical. When horizontal it's just slightly fast. When vertical it's very fast (about a half second) when the hand is moving down, and pretty accurate when the hand is moving up.
- There seems to be a lot of slop in the second hand mechanism. Often when it moves forward one second it bounces back a bit. Perhaps this is just a problem with my sample or maybe it's typical of this movement.
- The 6 o'clock lume marker is not aligned with the minute marker just below it


- I measure the case at 43 mm without the crown, and 46 mm with the crown
- It's heavier than I thought it would be

I'm still deciding whether to keep it or return it for a replacement or a refund. Perhaps others who bought it can weigh in on the second hand cons noted above, so I can determine if they are typical or sample defects.


I bought this watch in June of this year. I have to concur with Gary's review above, it's pretty much what I'd have written about it to the letter.

My only gripe is that the lume isn't all that great, wasn't expecting "Seiko" quality but it could last a lot longer than the 15 minutes max I get from mine ( after an exposure of over an hour to a light source ). My watch's lume is applied evenly though and doesn't suffer from any mottled effect.

Have contacted Casio about it as I wasn't too sure if it was a normal run-of-the-mill thing with these watches, or if it was indeed defective. If ever they get back to me, I'll post up their reply.

Bryan D

There simply is no other diver in this price range with well thoughtout construction. It's a 200m ISO2281 certified diver, stainless case, good size, screw-down crown and caseback, and 22mm strap. Where they saved money is in the mid-range japan movement, lume, crystal, and the strap. You can of course have it re-lumed, and drop a nice oyster or engineer bracelet on it and it looks a lot like a submariner.

Leo K

Bought an MDV106 Marlin 14 months ago. loved the watch an though it wasn't my daily-wear timepiece, it did get use once a week. Kept perfect time too. Fetched it from my dresser to wear this morning and noticed it had stopped keeping time 5 days ago. Not sure if it's the battery or not because I haven't yet had a chance to replace it, but am surprized that a supposed 3 year battery would only last 14 months?


Excellent watch.. But there is no substitute for a good old Rolex.

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