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April 12, 2013



+1, it's like they tried to make the Civic feel as if it's the same size as the Accord. And then there's that chasm between first and second gear..



Look at the new 2013 Honda Accord Coupe:

Acura will release the new TLX either this year or next (TSX will be discontinued, and TL will become TLX).

The new Lexus IS will soon be available too.


Herc, you might ban me for this post, but you're really coming off as some whiny rich white guy who has no humility at all. Like some entitled rich kid. How horrible, you're stuck driving a 2012 Civic.

Suck it up, no one is cutting you off or giving you less respect on the road because your driving a 2012 Honda. Heck, most people can't even afford to buy a 2012 Honda in America.


It's my understanding that people like to know the kind of first-hand experience people have when driving cars, playing radios, using computers, etc. It's helpful. Your personal attack doesn't address this and strikes me as unfounded, strident, and irrelevant to the shared experiences that readers and I post here.


It's common knowledge that Honda missed badly with the current generation Civic. They've tried to quickly touch it up to address some of the concerns. Most of the automotive press have reported on this----they laid an egg. I guess the 2012 has some improvements, but apparently, not enough.

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