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April 22, 2013


Bryne Hagstrom

It would be great for you to post a video dxing with this radio and perhaps do a side by side comparison with the Sony ICF-EX5 Mk2. I cannot find any sellers willing to ship this radio to North America. Perhaps you'd be willing to do a "group-buy" the next time you're traelling?


The J1 (the radio pictured) and the J40 are, feature-wise, about on the same level as the three-band version of the ICF-F10 (the F11/F12); pretty basic, nowhere near the flagship-level EX5. A comparison between the F and J models would be interesting so long as you didn't take price into account - $60-ish for the Js is a bit silly versus the roughly half price Fs..


sony J1 is good radio...good sesitivity, nice sound,
d size cell. medium small set.
If u are travellig to india do try Philips radio-RL205, sweet sound, battery 3D cell last for 3 months!
very cheap @15 USD. NO HISS.
sony has faint hiss in speaker.

FARMERIK/Richard Hayden

I just ordered one of these on Ebay from Bahrain to the USA. I believe this model has been in production for many years. $50 + $35 shipping. I have 4 other SONY radios which operate on 2 D cells, and they are all good radios for the prices I paid.



Any comments/reviews on the J1 you got from Bahrain?


I just picked up the J1, new/boxed on that online auction site for $54.99 (free shipping) and am very happy with it. Sensitivity is close to my GE SR1, and a lot easier to tote around. No base/treble controls, but good, full sound. Tuning FM seems like there is a built in AFC circuit that is always on, but still can separate strong from weak stations. It has a solid feel, unlike more modern designs that feel like they wouldn't survive a 3 foot fall onto a fluffy pillow. If I had it to do over again, I'd still grab it without hesitation.

Sreerama Chandran

A Short review of the SONY SUPER 3BAND RADIO ICF J1

The other day I was lucky enough to find a brand new SONY SUPER 3BAND RADIO ICF J1 from a local store. This is a retro analogue tuning model with classic looks which every traditional analogue radio lovers should own. The face of the radio including the speaker and the tuner dial is housed in a handsome metallic grille. The C Crane Radio EP looks cheap compared to this radio! (The handle of the CCrande Radio is a joke – It feels too flimsy that it may break anytime.) For the 2100 Indian Rupees (USD 30) that I shelled out, it’s worth every penny. I strongly suspect that the piece I bought was of remaining old stock. Upon enquiry the shopkeeper said that he had imported it from Dubai and that it’s still available brand new!! When you handle the radio you will feel confident secure in the way the dials and knobs function.

AM 530-1600 KHz
SW 4.75-18 MHz
FM 88-108 MHz
Slider Switch for SW/AM/FM Bands.
Power on/off switch
Very large Volume Control and Tuner Knobs of Metallic finish
Powered by 2 D size cells
3 Inches Mono Speaker
Mono Earphone Jack
Dimensions: 9 Inches x 4.75 Inches x 2 Inches.
Whip Antenna: 33 Inches.
Red Tuning LED (makes it easy while tuning with an external loop antenna)



AM Performance can be rated at 4 on a scale of 5, Good sensitive and selectivity. Mates very well with my home made loop antenna. Given this price range, the AM reception is exciting. Fine tuning is easy. Surprisingly good, rich and full sounding for a 3 inch speaker. Even though there are no tone controls, audio is mellow and bassy. Again it wipes the floor with the CCrane Skywave which is a very poor performer where there are strong AM and FM stations


SW performance is good and the smooth tuning knobs helps while tuning the 16 to 25 meter bands which are crowded on the tuning dial. Shortwave Stations are free of drift and remains stable once tuned. Extending the whip antenna brings in plenty of stations. I experimented with a random wire antenna which gave even better results. There was no overloading from local Medium Wave or FM Sations. However my CCrane Skywave radio overloads heavily on Short Wave while using the Whip or a Random Wire. Audio is fine and as good as for the AM.
Overall the AM/SW performance is much better that the CCrane Skywave which is 4 times costlier.


FM Band is the weak point of the radio. The selectivity is very poor. You cannot operate the radio with the whip antenna extended. The whole FM Band is full of spurious images of existing strong stations. However for listening to the strong local stations, the radio performs good enough with out using the whip antenna. Here also the audio is pleasing.


Excellent Retro looks, robust and heavy for the size and price
Excellent AM/MW reception, good response to a loop or random wire antenna
Good quality, room filling, mellow sound for a 3 inch speaker
Works forever on 2 D size batteries
Value for money.


No external antenna input
No lighting for the Tuner Dial
No stereo through Headphones
Poor sensitivity and selectivity on FM band
No carrying handle (Only strap)
No AC/DC input


This is one of the last remaining retro looking classic anologue receivers still available brand new on the market today. Old timers who collect radios should own one for their nostalgic value. Great value for money. For me this is a keeper because I love old school analogue radios.
(Please view the pictures I have posted on facebook)

Thanks for reading


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