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April 30, 2013



Thanks a lot for your time and help Bill!!

As I can see, none of the entry level equipments are free from some flaws, but the one I asked for I founded particularly unacceptable, even with an entry level equipment cause its virtually impossible to detect a real weak signal from that strong ticking when you are tuning with the knob. I think that I can survive to the rest of singularities you have described about PL-600.

Anyway what about some modifications I've seen to reduce the audio distortions in SW. Also seen some other owners who changed a capacitor to improve stability in SSB and eliminate a humming sound in that modulation. Have you found these flaws too?

I think that all in all, PL-600 will be my radio.

Thanks again Bill, you helped me to clarify my doubts about this equip!


The find that the sound on my Tecsun PL-398BT is improved slightly if you tilt the radio back onto its stand. There are two low-frequency sound ports (I would not go so far as to call them "bass ports", there is none of that!) on the bottom of the radio that are exposed when you tilt it. I assume that the other PL-390's are the same. Maybe the PL-310et as well?

james patterson

Well I finaly bought my PL660 that I was waiting to be shipped into the country by the importer here in Auckland (NZ).After unpacking,reading the manuel cover to cover,setting up some of my favourite SSB frequencies into the memories,I decided to check all the bands including AM broadcast and FM.I found no problem pulling in weak AM stations and even distant FM stations came in well with no distortion.But when I went up on the Short Wave HF frequencies,on 4mgs,6mgs,8mgs and 27mgs there were very loud Squashy harmonic sounds,that seem to acturly climb up then back down the frequency.The sound was diffently internaly made,because I took the radio outside away from any house hold interference,and the loud noise remained.After waiting so long for this radio,and reading all the excellent reviews on it,I acturly found one review on hamnet,that gives the same exact problem I have,so it seems there must be some "Duds" out there,or though one review on YouTube said this harmonic sound is typical to all the PL660s,and not so on the PL600.
So Im takeing mine back to the seller and will certainly test another befor I am happy.I may settle for the PL600 instead,yet reveiws show the Audio distorts.I was hopeing for a really good portable receiver to up date my older Sony SW 55 and 7000G,but the old Sonys are far more stable than what Ive found with the 660.Anyone else had problems like this please leave a message.

james patterson

My Sony is acturly the 7600G not a 7000G,as I mentioned in my previous message.


I have just received my Tecsun PL-600 today and I am really impressed!
My Sony ICF 7600D is showing its age (being a purchase in the 1980's)and wanted something I can take outside with me and leave the 'old girl' safe at home.
After many reviews and YouTube videos, I am glad I made the choice of the 600 over the 660, and it was more than just the $30.00 price difference. (600= $90.00 & 660 = $120.00 AUS. for an 'air-band.)(I tried the 'Air-band' mod and it did not work, as the radio was made in March 2012. Oh well!)
The sound is great. I love the sound on the FM band, which is worth the outlay just on this feature alone!
The plastic flap thing on the back is a big issue with this radio. Also, you cannot lay the radio flat in its back and extend the antenna upright, like you can do on the Sony 7600 series of radios, but I can work around this quite easily.
The controls do take a bit of getting use to, but once I have played around with the features a little, I was able to 'tamed the beast' and have had great use from the unit.
The manual is a little 'quirky' in some of the instructions, but is not no-where near the bad 'Asian-English' translations used. (No offence is intended to any non-English speaking people)
I may have written this too early in the history of the life of this radio and may find fault in the 'new' radio. Hopefully, it will pull its weight. I am not expecting this to be a 'better' radio than the 7600, it has been worth the cost so far. When the sun goes down will tell how it does go on the SW bands.
The comments about the 600 vs. 660 radios have proved to be valuable in my selections, so thank you for your comments.

Fred Mah

Hello Experts:
I've just bought a Tecsun PL 600 and it is more than sufficient for my FM listening.

Learning curve... I spent a lot of time reading about and then saving my most listened stations.

In my location, Madrid, that meant memorizing 8 AM stations, and about 15 FM stations.

I have two niggles.:-

1. Memory wiped changing NiMH batteries
I decided to change batteries by removing them
and replacing with a new charged set
Then I found that the memories stations had been nuked when I switched on:.
All the work of finding and classifying those 23-24 stations had been lost as the
memories were empty.

2. The battery cover needs a knife blade to start opening it
Maybe with use this will slide more smoothly.
Is there some trick to help it slide open?
Or perhaps I'm just a weakling?


Point 1...
I would like comments as maybe there is a time limit on removing and replacing batteries. Or perhaps the memory storage system is defective.

Point 2,
I can live with it as it is clearly a macho challenge.
Besides broken finger nails are part of everyday living hazards, aren't they?

I haven't manage to find reader input on these subjects and yet I feel I'm not the first to be victimized .

I would be most grateful if your good-selves or any reader could point me to where these topics have been discussed and solved. :-)

HELP please



I just pulled the trigger on a PL-600. You guys seem to be interested in the same thing I'm looking for. A stable, portable, multiband with some whistles, a few bells, but mainly a stable build carry. I've got enough weight at home with scanners and table tops but I wanted something I could take with me that didn't take a large investment and supplied ample listening fun. I'm just not seeing anything in the Sangean ats 909x or the Tecsun 880 that says buy me, I'm worth it. The reviews on these seem pretty dismal. Thanks again for your work, I've got a week to wait for my PL600 to arrive.

Shortwave Listener 22007

With an exception with the annoying SSB fine tune, the Sony ICF SW7600GR is a very easy to use receiver, much more so than my Tecsun PL880.


Purchased my PL-600 and I'm more than happy with it. It's more sensitive than my friend's Degen DE1106 (which is a great radio too and has backlit buttons) and the FM works wonders too.

PL-600 is really the best :)

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