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May 02, 2013



Welcome to the wonderful world of synaesthesia! Sounds like a mild case. There are those who associate colors with (among other things) numbers, letters, musical keys, and many others. Scientific American did a good article on it about 5 years ago. Synaesthetes are more likely than the average person to have photographic memory.

Ed S

Several people on Wikipedia's synesthesia entry are mentioned having your every day of the week has a color-condition. But since you also associate a do or don't behavior with each day/color, that seems more Rainman-ish... Possible Asperger's syndrome or a touch of autism is at work.


Not weird if you are A) An eight-year old, or B) have children. So you're good, Jeff.


I guess you can't wear your orange-faced Orient M-Force watch on Thursdays, Jeff. Luckily, you have many other alternatives.

Doug T.

Of course not. Thursday is all about worship of the Norse god Thor. Thor never wore orange -- it would clash with his red hair and red beard. They would never allow that in Valhalla!

Thursday is a "thundering" day for reading the Edda, slaughtering the Jötunn (and the serpent Jörmungandr) with the hammer Mjölnir, getting double strength from the power-belt Megingjörð, and using the gloves Járngreipr to wield weapons and the staff Gríðarvölr.

Now, on other days -- such as the days devoted to worship of the goddess Frige [later Venus], the planet Saturn, the sun, the moon, the god Tiw [later Mars], or the god Wotan [later Mercury] -- things are naturally different.


For the record, Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week. A mysterious day. Tuesday is second. The rest? The hell with them.

Keith Beesley

My wife perceives the months of the year as a traditional clock face, with December, the 12th month, at 12 o'clock, January at 1 o'clock, etc.

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