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June 12, 2013



Great review. I need to "thin the herd" a little bit too. But don't make the mistake I did in selling something----then wanting it back. I sold my Japan market Sony 5800 (which I actually originally bought on E-Bay and had shipped from Japan). Not sure why----but it didn't bid up the way I had hoped. I got my money back----but was hoping to double my money. Instead, I broke even on a great, great radio that is very hard to find. RE: Your new Panasonic: I like the style of it a lot----great design. I have a Panny 888, one of my all-time favorite radios----and the speaker on yours reminds me of mine.



All I can say is WOW !!! You´ve got the radio of my dreams!!

Don´t sell nothing ! Very soon your relatives will do that, for now they are all yours!

By the way Buy a RF-2200 before it´s too late.

About the crystal input....My best guess is that`s an input for headphones.

Congratulations Again !!!!


Huesby - another one of my Japanese radios has a crystal input and it actually has a crystal plugged into it. Its about 1 square inch in size and has a 1/8" mono plug on it. It says the following:

National Panasonic
Model RD-9801
NSB Crystal
3.925 MHZ
6.055 MHZ
9.595 MHZ
Matsushita Electric
Industrial Co, LTD.
Made in Japan

When I plug it into the back of the radio, the sensitivity on shortwave drops significantly but when I tune to those frequencies the signal comes back. There happened to be a station broadcasting on 6055 - with the crystal plugged in, I could tune the dial quite a bit away in both directions from that frequency and it would stay locked on that frequency.

So what purpose does this thing serve?


For what it's worth, according to this, those are the frequencies for Radio Nikkei 1.


Bob C.

Brandon, I believe that those are the original three Japanese domestic SW frequencies of NHK. For the domestic market, it was not uncommon to have crystals set solely to those frequencies so that they were easy to tune and provided very stable reception. Basically, a decision based on the whims of that particular marketplace.

There is still a very well regarded Sony (the ICF-EX5MK2 sold in Japan) which offers SW, but with three sets of three SW frequencies (for each of the domestic SW signals of NHK1, NHK2 and NHK3). http://www.audiocubes2.com/product_info.php/cPath/39/products_id/442


Designing Wheel-Tuned, Digital-Display Radios with Silicon Labs ICs

See article at

Michael DeMeo

Great review! I bought an RF 1170 back when it came out in 1974 after seeing, believe it or not, a full page ad in Playboy Magazine. I remember hearing an AM station from Colombia SA on a Sunday night and could not believe it. Being in the NYC area, I remember listening to NYFD responding to the Fraunces Tavern bombing on VHF. My local PDs were all lowband at that time and it served well there too. I broke the original radio and threw it out! I missed it so much that when someone offered an 1170 for sale on Usenet a few years back for 35.00 I grabbed it. I always wanted an RF 1180, but thank you for pointing out the RF 1188! I never knew that this radio existed and now I want one instead of a 1180! BUCKET LIST! BTW, I own a GE Superadio and they are about the same in sensitivity, although the 1170 has more accurate tuning.


Michael: What a great connection---remembering hearing the NYFD respond to the Tavern bombing. One of the things I love about the old used radios I buy----is wondering what programming has come out of those speakers over the life of the radio. My GE 780 AM radio built in the late 1950s----was someone listening to World Series games on that? Or the Kennedy assassination? A radio from the 1960s, like my Zenith Trans-Oceanic----Mets/Orioles World Series? Coverage of the moon landings?


From what I hear this one does a batter job with SSB than the RF-2200 does. Nice radio...very nice.

Angelo those old P780s are one of my all time favorite radios. What a great set with not only killer pulling power, but great sound too. They really went all out with that and and it shows.
Have you seen this article on it?...

Rob Mitchell, Atlanta

Hey I found this exact RF-1188 Radio for $4 at a thrift store 10 years ago! I love it! Over the years the volume pot and band selector switch got dirty and made it difficult to enjoy .. so the other day I removed the back and hit all the pots and switches with TV Tuner cleaner and turned all vigorously! Now it works like new! The metal handle strap pieces are missing and the antenna needs to be replaced but it sits at my bedside and I listen to it daily!


Rob - you made a great find! I'm surprised you found this in the US as very few were produced as best I can tell and even in Japan where the primary market is they don't turn up very often.

It really is a great radio - of the 6 or 7 vintage portables I own this one I think has the best raw sensitivity across the board and the sound quality is great. My ONLY gripe is the out-of-band images that show up in the SW band, I think this may only be a single conversion set.


Just picked up a rf 1170. Bought it for 40$ I'm likely to list it on eBay. I still have my grundig buzz Aldrin edition and know how well this one compares. The g6 is great but it's awesome to compare to this Panasonic. It's an awesome boom box and even came with the original ear piece. I recommend these without hesitation.


I wish Brandon would change his photo. He appears constipated.

A smile would really help. Just saying.

Rob Mitchell

We had our RF-1188 running on 6 C cell batteries. It got us through what was left of Irma and several days of power outage in Atlanta.

Brandon: Would you please make a paper template of the strap bracket so I can make a replacement? I'm tired of carrying my radio around like a football! :)

Bernard St-Laure

I bought the RF 1188 while living on the Gaspé peninsula in Canada.
It’s a fantastic radio. We no longer have it and I miss it enormously.. Thanks for this walk down memory lane. Bernard

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