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July 18, 2013



This is the first time I've heard someone mention plasma TVs causing health problems.


Keith Beesley

Before boomboxes (AM-FM-cassette) really took off in popularity in the 80s, there were several proto-boomboxes around. I believe this is one. Some were portable 8-track players with AM-FM, some were cassette-AM-FM but only mono. Sometime in the 70s, I acquired an Ampex mono AM-FM-cassette that sounded really good, but someone "borrowed" it around 1980 and never returned it.

The real forerunners of the Bose I think are the Sony hi-fi table radios that are now very common on Ebay--Sony must have sold a ton of them! Mono, but very good sound quality with a "loudness" switch that acts as a bass boost, and above average reception.

Here's a sample:


Angelo - nice find! I have never heard of or seen Sony's MR line but apparently they made 4 different models - the MR-9100, MR-9300, MR-9400, and MR-9700. Inspired by your post I went looking around online and located an MR-9700 on Etsy for only $39 shipped, so I snatched it up. I'll post a review after I receive it. I was unable to find much info online except one person who claims its reception rivals that of the SR1 and SR2. We'll see.


Reception-wise, none of these will come close to our beloved big-gun 80's-era DX models, but they definitely might sound better. I dig the stereo separation knob on the 9700..


Keith: I have a couple of those table radios----one of my Panasonics sounds best. You're right that they might be the true ancestor to Bose----but for some reason, I always thought of them as just being really nice radios that would look at home in a living room----an upgrade from the kitchen radios of that time period, an evolution of sorts. With this Sony MR----the sound itself is different/fuller on stereo FM----the sound is why I made the Bose comparison. It was something very different, to my ears at least. Brandon---I am looking forward to your review. I assume the 9700 was the last in the series and I'm wondering what improvements there are over mine.



Here's one----with a few hours left in the auction----at $30.00 plus shipping. No takers yet?


Nice-now I want one!



And here is a magazine ad for my "new" radio. Did I mention that I like the cabinet?



This advertisement does describe how Sony engineered these to sound like a bigger stereo.


The ad discusses (sound) "waves." Hmmm...maybe Bose read this and that's how they got the idea for the Bose Wave Radio!

Dave P

Nice! I owned a MR-9100 for a few years. I found it at a flea market, and believe it or not, I paid a whopping 3$ for it. I think you'll find that the AM section is above average. I loved the look of the 9100, the white case was very attractive, and looked great on the shelf. Sadly, that's where it spent most of it's time here. While FM sounded great,(something I don't listen to much), there was just something about the tone of the radio on AM that was very unpleasant to my ears. Then, a couple years ago, I decided to thin the herd a bit, and the Sony was one of the first ones to sell. Sometimes I do regret that.......but I'll live. I made a nice little profit, and it found a new home. I look forward to your AM review.


Dave: With so many radios, we have the luxury of picking a different radio for each task. I will spend some time on AM and report back----and hopefully Brandon will write a full review too. I have a feeling this radio will be primarily for classical music on NPR stations----and rock oldies. It'll probably find a home in my new shaderoom addition to my house. I have radios for bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, office, screened porch, travel, shoveling snow/working outside, garage, etc. Someday, I'll have to thin the herd too!


Nice radio.
Perhaps Sony set that middle speaker up as a "difference" speaker...L+ and R+ or L- and R- connected to it. That would explain the sound drop from a mono source.
Zenith had a similar radio around the same time..the RH78Y
This one seems to have seen better days. The center speaker in it is a small woofer.


Found one on Ebay... not a DX radio by any means. My MR-9700W is superior in reception, FYI.

sus parcel

What you are experiencing is Sony's line of Mid-Side stereo instead of Spaced Stereo even with Enhancement. Though it is called a Matrix radio what is missing is the FM stereo decoder's output matrixing of R+L and +/-(R-L) into R and L, so only two speakers would then be required. However an acoustic matrix is accomplished with the R+L (mono)being directed to the Centre (Mid)speaker and +/-(R-L) subcarrier to paralleled Side speakers. If on is listening to talk show host in FM Stereo position there is only output from the Mid speaker but if on switches to FM mono the Side speakers are switched in phase, so there are three speakers driven by two amps (which is the case always in the AM band.
Note that two speakers could accomplish an Acoustic Matrix but there are no off the shelf Bipolar speakers so two regular speaker are needed to simulate the Side transverse wave.

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