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July 05, 2013


Ed S

Spot on. I recently sold a SR2 on eBay for $200, Buy It Now. The buyer emailed me later and said it was all I said it was, and was worth the price.


You let me borrow that SR2 for a week and I can attest it was an apex performer on both AM and FM with excellent speaker sound.

Ed S

In fact, it was another GE I found at another swap meet for $25. I sold the one you borrowed years ago!


You keep buying those things for 10 bucks. That's amazing. Who knew those SRIIs were such gems when they were on the shelves in the 1980s? I would have bought a half dozen.


Best reception, best audio of any portable I own.


How good is the SR II compared to the III, especially in urban settings?

There's a 50kW on 1170, KCBQ, 9mi N of me, that blasts me with 112kW ERP (and clocks in at about 80-81 dBu on my PL-398mp.) There are stations on 1160 and 1180 that I'd like to be able to clearly receive in full fidelity without splatter, but all I get on the SR3 are heterodynes…


On 1160 is XEQIN, 10kW at 163mi S of me. KERN is 50kW on 1180, sending 65kW from 237mi NW of me. Both have been heard on my PL-606 when KCBQ was off the air one early afternoon a couple years ago... http://www.mediafire.com/?g8fcpa8f88cf3
How close could the SR2 get to bringing in those stations with a sound comparable to this? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cq6KSavcVMI

Bonus points if the SR2 is good enough to clearly copy 50kW KSL at 615 mi NNE under XEQIN at midday in summer. :)

Also my grandma has a 50kW on 1430, KMRB that's 1/3mi NW of her. If I have an opportunity to listen sometime when I'm visiting, I'd like to be able to hear a 5kW on 1440, KUHL, that's 148mi WNW, free of KMRB splash and without too much QRM from 1kW KFNY at 42mi E. Also being able to DX TPs and TAs on 1431 would be nice. :)

Would a SR2 be up to the task? And where could I find one that's the same price as when they were sold new, and (maybe except for a few cosmetic dings/scratches/etc) still works just fine?


The SRII is the better deal because it's a sure thing, the III may or may not be a good copy depending on when it was made, and there's no way to pre-determine if you could be getting a lesser rendition. If you're really needing to get a weak station next to a strong one, the most reliable method is to use a radio with single sideband/synchronous detection; this feature essentially "cuts off" everything above or below what you're trying to hear, so you can completely remove splatter from the signal. This feature is usually only found in flagship-level models, so it's not cheap to come by, but would still be cheaper than trying to score a mint SuperRadio on eBay (in most instances.)


I don't think anything would be capable of pulling out a station one notch (10KC) up or down the dial from a close by 50,000 watt blowtorch. Maybe one of those new "d.s.p." rigs, but I kind of doubt it as there's going to be some r.f. saturation even if yo u can eliminate the side splatter. 1KC away is impossible..lol
From 9 miles away from the tower you may be able to pull out 1160 and/or 1180 IF they are in a direction that's not the same (or the opposite) as the signal on 1170..in other words if you can pull them in buy nulling out 1170.
An SR 2 is quite selective, and isn't prone to saturation, but 10KC is pushing it a bit when it comes to a really strong signal.

And yes the SR 2 is quite a bit better than the SR 3 (even a good one) The tuning cap alone (versus the SR 3's varactor) puts the SR 2 far ahead. The SR 3's only advantage is the "X band" (1620-1700 KC)...though a SR 2 can be adjusted to tune up there with no problem...and the SR 3's AM wide mode.
If you want full fidelity AM the SR 3 is the winner , but when it comes to DX and over all performance I'd give it to the SR 2.
Personally of the three common SRs I prefer the first one. The performance is the same as the SR 2, but I like the sound of the first one and it just feels a bit more solid. I like the grill better as well.

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