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July 21, 2013


FARMERIK/Richard Hayden

It sure looks like a re badged KA200 doesn't it?


A shame that out of all Kaito products they would choose the unremarkable KA200 to rebadge, but at least it's a unique-colored case, we need more of those..


Here's an interesting watch I saw recently, with an 80's vibe.


Very unique Seiko offering but not my cup of tea.


I love the case color too. We might have discussed this before----but does anyone else remember Radio Shack's "Flavoradios" from the 1970s? I think someone might have even posted a page out of an old Rat Shack catalog----they had a wide range of colors on these little pocket radios. Someone should do that again.

Ken K. in NJ

I have the Kaito version of the radio. They seem to be identical other than the color. It's actually not a bad little radio for $12.

I keep it in my glove compartment for use if I'm out for a walk in the park with my wife. It's fine for local AM stations and it's loud enough that we can both listen to News, weather, or talk radio with no distorton while we walk.

Tom Welch

I have two of the KA200 pocket radios and keep one in my bag in case of emergency.

Tom Welch

Angelo, I remember the Flavor radios and owned one, Radio Shack stopped selling them well into the 1990s...they were a bargain and very low battery drain.

Dave P



Dave: That auction has a bunch of Flavoradios! I like the purple one. Like yellow too.


I think the Flavorradio may very well be the last AM only transistor radio on this side of the pond. I'll do a bit of digging and see exactly when it went out of production, but I remember it was well into the '90s.
I'm just happy someone's still making a god old style pocket radio in this day in age.


The last color variation was available in 1997...

In 98, and 99 (the last year they were called "Flavoradio") it was available in black only...

In 2000 it was relabeled "Optimus". The last year it was available was 2001...

There were two other models (other than the original ones in the '70s) available in the '80s and early '90s.
This model was updated later to tune in the X band (1610-1700). The only change in appearance between the two models is the dial markings.

And there was also one available with (BLASPHEME!..lol) FM.


Drive-In: That is some great info on the Flavoradio line. It's ridiculous though, that they would call a black radio, "Flavoradio." I noticed when they only had two of them----black and blue, they called them "Blackberry" and "Blueberry." Please Radio Shack, please.

John Tutolo

Check out the new offering from Radio Shack. They are beginning to gain my respect back. It is a re-badged version of the improved Sangean ATS-505..aka ATS-505P...Cat#20-629.


I compared it to my Sony 7600GR. It is a winner! FM and MW reception is awesome. On SW, the sensitivity is remarkably similar to the Sony but on weaker signals the audio gets a little muddy, however headphones help here. I think it is a very well made radio and looks beautiful in black (I personally don't prefer the silver version of any radio). Considering that it has a tuning knob, a nice large display (although a bit lacking in info), a beautiful green led backlight, nice large buttons,and good clean audio, I prefer it over my Sony. It is quite bigger than the Sony and is similar in size to the Grundig YB 400. I think it is a bargain for $80.


E.H. Scott must be spinning in his grave...

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