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July 09, 2013


Ed S.

Add to your list of interference generators: Plasma HDTVs. I just replaced an LED flatscreen with a plasma set, and wow, RF is all over the dail on every AM radio in my house (and that's a lot). Battery-powered sets, too. Might be because it has a switch-mode power supply, not sure. But now I can't watch TV and AM radio at the same time.

Vimal Oberoi

Jay Allen reviews,"C.Crane CC Pocket"


Ed: That brings to mind Art Bell's story of buying a new flat screen; he brought a portable radio in to the store and then walked around all the TVs - the one that gave off the least interference was the one he bought. *That's* a dedicated radio guy..


Something to consider: I also prefer using batteries as opposed to a "walwart" transformer. The only problem is...alkaline batteries will eventually leak. The leaking chemical will adhere to the metal battery contacts & surrounding plastic. As an alternative one can use;
1. Lithium and/or rechargeable batteries.
2. A fully regulated power supply.
3. An external battery tray that plugs into your
radio that use the batteries of your choice.
#3 can use alkaline batteries without the worry
of leakage within the radio.


I use Duracells and no leakage problems. I exclusively run on batteries; I don't trust some of those internal power supplies on old unobtanium transistors.


I have my Kenwood R-2000 receiver, among other RF and audio equipment, using an APC LE1200 for AC power filtering.


Up to 55dB of EMI/RFI noise rejection.

I go a step further, as I am using the APC LE1200 to deliver AC to a power strip with a ferrite installed, which seems to further improve noise rejection. You might also want to place a ferrite or two on the APC LE1200 power cord as well.

As with AC power and local noise, YMMV, of course.

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