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September 15, 2013



I like a heavier watch on my wrist---but I have to say, the looks of that Nautica (the solid black one) are really, really nice. For someone who likes a lighter weight---and the feel of aluminum (I actually like the feel of aluminum, in some ways, better than stainless), this could be a good purchase. The styling won't get tired anytime soon. 48MM is a "take notice" size, without being a clownish size. They got this one right.


Very nice - I love the thick bezel action. It would have tempted me a year ago, but I know that if I bought that now I'd wear it once or twice and it would end up in the watch box.


While I like the black version, I would not wear it often enough to justify buying one. I'm in a similar boat as Jonny.


Its like anything in which you start caring about "quality" - it ruins stuff of lesser quality.

If you're 18 (I mean, uh, 21) then wine is wine, and there's red and white, and that's about the only distinction that can be made. Whatever does the trick is what you drink.

If you're 30 you start getting a sense of full bodied and light bodied, cheap and expensive. You should know the difference between "Two-buck Chuck" and a $30 bottle, but $10 and $20 not so much. At this stage anything under $12 or so is good enough.

After another decade or so of drinking win, you start caring more about quality. You can tell that a $20 bottle is better than a $10 bottle - your palate is awake to the subtleties of taste and texture. You probably prefer the $12-15 bottles to the ~$10 bottles.

And so on. Now of course the thing is that there are plenty of decent $10 bottles of wine. And everyone has their different levels that they settle into. I prefer beer (although am trying to veer more towards wine as it is allegedly healthier and I might have a slight beer allergy), so my beer palate is more developed. I can't stand cheap beer. If I'm in a supermarket or convenience store my go-to brand is Sierra Nevada - its widely available and is a decent beer. But if I'm in a beer store, I'll ask the owner what the freshest IPA is, because the difference between a two-week old IPA and a six-month old one is enormous, even of the same brand.

With wine, there are some I like more than others and I can generally tell if a bottle is cheap (less than $10), moderate ($10-20ish), or expensive ($20+). I once bought a $50 bottle for a special date with my wife and I honestly couldn't tell you the difference between that and a $25 bottle.

The higher the quality, the less you get in return for the money spent. A $50 bottle of wine is not twice as good as a $25 bottle; it might be 20-30% better, and to notice that you have to have a developed palate. A $100 bottle might only be 10-20% better than the $50 bottle. Etc.

You could argue that the person who is perfectly happy with an $8 bottle of wine, or thinks that Samuel Adams is the pinnacle of beer (as I did in high school), is better off than the wine or beer snob. On the other hand, once you start going down the rabbit-hole of developing a palate of anything - stereos, wines, beer, watches, etc - then there is no turning back and you can't "un-learn" what you've learned.

All of that is a long-winded way of saying this: It is a rare sub-$300 watch that interests me these days. Occasionally something of interest falls into that range on the used market, but for the most part my eye is on $300+ watches. Why $300? It just seems that's the cut-off between what could be called "affordable watches" and "semi-luxury" watches. The quality level jumps - both in terms of design, build, finishing, and movement. For better or worse, I just can't go back.


I'm not too keen on the silicone strap that wraps around the case. It's a very odd design choice.

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