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September 12, 2013



I would love to check it out, but I've learned my lesson about buying those "low serial number Chinese radios". I would wait until they work the bugs out.


Still, it would be great if we could get one and send it to someone like Jay Allen. That way, we could all vicariously experience the new model, without the "low serial number" blues.

A. Black

Also check out the new products page: http://www.redsunelect.com/product.asp?bigclassid=22


On the Redsun new products page there is a shortwave-capable boom-box. I haven't seen that for a while!

From Google translate:

Product Name: RS-803R
Product Features: FM / MW / SW / USB / SD card radios

Available colors: red, blue, black

Frequency range:
FM :88-108MHz
AM :530-1600kHz
Shortwave 1:5.2-13.5 MHz
Shortwave 2:14.5-23MHz

FM: Better than 10uV
MW: better than 1mV / m
Shortwave: better 30uV



I wouldn't pay anywhere near the price this seller is hoping for. But still, this is an interesting piece.

Bob C.

It is terrific to see some new - and very promising - radios coming from Chinese manufacturers. First we see news of a new Tecsun PL-880 (which looks VERY interesting) and now the long-awaited RP-3100. Of course, we'll need to give each a little time to get the *bugs* out, but it's safe to say that 2014 will be a good year for the radio hobbyist.

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