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October 13, 2013



I've always liked the look of the 5800 & 5900. Looks like a high-quality, no-nonsense radio. I would buy one if I didn't have so many similar sized portables already.

On a side note, a Panasonic RF-B300 in great shape just ended - I wanted to bid on it but couldn't pluck down the almost $250 it had bit up to.

Dave P.

I always enjoy reading your posts, Angelo. Love the radio, also. Sure looks like a keeper!! I only have a couple Sonys in the collection, both found for peanuts at a local thrift shop. I absolutely love the sound of my TFM-7250W, but the performance is less than stellar. It's one of the many Sony models labeled 'super sensitive', but sadly, it falls quite short of that mark. Still, it gets used quite a bit during the daylight hours, just not very useful for DXing. Also, I completely understand the seller's remorse. I've inflicted that upon myself a time or two. Someday I'll learn...LOL. Enjoy your 'new' beauty.

Stu Morrison

Angelo, as much fun as these '70s imports are, the set used as a backdrop in your picture got my attention.

When the new (1960 - '68) Sears Roebuck catalog arrived, right after bicycles and auto accessories I'd go rate the big radios -- Blaupunkt (what a name!), Norden, Phillips, Siemens, etc. The slide-rule dials with backlit names told me Peking, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Brazzaville, Tirana, Mexico City and Monte Carlo were all broadcasting to me, and I had no radio! Torture!

Any pictures?


Stu: Stay tuned. I get a better photo of that monster and send it to Jeff. Maybe he'll post it. I got that on E-Bay a few years ago. I actually had to wake up in the middle of the night to bid---it was from a seller in Germany who ended the auction around 1:00 AM my time. It sounds wonderful.

Gerald Aronson

Hi Angelo
Gerald here from sunny Cape Town, South Africa.
I bought a 5800 in 1983 from a HAM friend who was emigrating to the UK.
I used to be a radio operator in the South African Navy and used it then (and still do)to scan the shortwave bands to read Morse transmissions...mainly from HAM operators...who were just "chatting" about their lives, wherever they lived.
I am now 64 and, in my opinion, it is STILL one of my better "investments".
I am however needing a new aerial (specifically the two top sections) so if you or someone you know could help source a new/replacement/slightly used aerial I would greatly appreciate it.
I will send some pics of the radio and aerial if required.


You could always check E-Bay but that part might not be easy to find. Maybe you can fashion a custom replacement using parts from a generic antenna?

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