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October 14, 2013



I just realized the means no FCC. WOOOOHOOO!
Have fun, kids.

BTW the best place to tune init at the top of 6.9...6.915, 6.925 ect.
More conventional places to check are 87.9FM and 1610AM.

¾ Blind

Pirates that broadcast in SSB are the reason I wish more SW radios offered the choice of narrow or wider bandwidth filters for LSB/USB. When there are no adjacent stations one can open up the bandwidth for improved fidelity. It's ironic that a SW radio that has two bandwidths and BFO can sometimes sound better than a more expensive SW radio that has separate singular filters for LSB and USB. I understand that communications grade receivers emphasize signal isolation and voice intelligibility over audio fidelity, but with software defined radios becoming more common, can't we have a wider choice of AM and SSB filters (pun intended?) Or is IF filter implementation still hardware driven?

Keith Beesley

I hear (on my local all-news AM station) that the FCC is ready to start accepting applications for low-power FM stations (probably not until the govt. shutdown ends, however). These will be community-based, non-commercial stations with a maximum range of ten miles. There should be some interesting DX targets for those of us who DX FM in the US. Possibly a chance to get into broadcasting for anyone who can afford the necessary broadcast equipment. The license is free.


Just before 10 PM Wednesday Night (California time) 6935 USB is pirate-rocking out with some eccentric & amusing tracks from the 1960s, perhaps slipping in one last broadcast before the FCC comes back online!



Not sure I've seen this one previously. Looks like it would sound good.

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