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October 01, 2013


Michael Brent

Fly fishing in Albania.


Dear Jeff. I hope this break from new watches will bring you back to your first love - radios. It's been a while since you reviewed any radio on this blog. I must say I miss it :)

Michael Brent

Celebrity mud wrestling.


Tecsun PL880 in production now?

A photo of a PL880 manufactured on 27th September appeared in Tecsun's customer forum:



The readers are going to have to pick up the slack for this guy. I have an Orient King Diver on the way. I will probably want a metal bracelet for it----so maybe I'll send a photo in and we can have a contest to help me pick the right stainless band to go with the style of the diver----of course, within a reasonable (read, inexpensive)price range. I don't have thousands to throw around, like Jeff!


Angelo, these things go in cycles. I'm guessing that Jeff will re-enter a phase of watch buying in the future, although perhaps not in the same way.

Maybe both Jeff and I are transitioning into our "mature phase" of watch obsession. Maybe the "immature" binge-and-purge cycle is ending and from this point forward it will be two or three well chosen watches per year. I've always shot for the goal of one new watch (or less) per season. If I can keep my total purchasing to four or less per year, I'll be happy. That seems like a good balance: still something to look forward to every few months, but not excessive.


Vintage top-loader VCRs.

Re recipies: Jeff made a comment some time ago that nothing satiates a chocolate craving like a proper chocolate cake; I concurred and then set off to create my own man-grade chocolate cake recipies, with excellent results. So he has at least inspired baking in his readers..

John Tutolo

Jeff, are you an audiophile? If so, I have a suggestion for a new obsession: speakers and headphones ;)
Or how about optics? like binoculars? Very manly ;) ;)

Ed S.

J: excellent suggestions. Headphones are hot now. Yes, I am an audiophile, don't believe Jeff defines himself as one tho he appreciates quality sound. Also there are all manner of hi Rez downloads now on the audio landscape: DDD, FLAC, Etc.


Here's something to collect when you tire of your big chunk of metal dive watches.


Michael Brent

Lesbian cage fighting.
Rachel Maddow vs Hillary Clinton

Michael Brent

Dancing with the Czars


There are too many Czars for an hour show!


How about radio watches?
Yes, this is mine, and yes I do wear it (and have for about 30 years now)...lol.
This'll kill you watch lovers out there; It's the only one I own.
What is it? A $20 (at the time) two transistor AM radio.
I've had three with FM over the years...one FM stereo with AA cells on the headphones, one with everything built into the watch (much like the cheezy AM one above)...both like cracking a safe to tune, and a couple of the no dial scan/reset types.

Michael Brent

Cross-dressing for the modern progressive.
How much makeup is too much?

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