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November 12, 2013



Nice review,DS.
Good quality internal pics.can be seen here:


That's kind of what I gathered from reviewing all the J40's specs, that it's a rather basic SW receiver with a bit of chrome for way too much money. Can't say we're missing out on anything by not having it available here..

Jeffrey McMahon

I was hoping for excellent FM. How disappointing.


Thanks for the review.


DS,as per review,
"Performance on FM is acceptable but nothing to write home about. It holds frequency, it adjusts easily, and it is influenced by any source of electrical noise in the vicinity.

Performance on AM (medium, not short wave) is better and much less affected by electrical noise around you."
Usually it's AM and not FM,that is affected by electrical noise around you.


I was also a bit surprised but it is FM that gets more electric noise than AM. I do not know why but that is how it is in my apartment. Your results may vary. Maybe it is just this particular radio I have. Of note, my surroundings are as bad electrically as they get. Middle of Manhattan in New York City. However, there are many of the strong stations out here. Having said that, I was not trying to go deeper into comparision with other radios but was aiming for practical introduction to those intrigued, something I could not find on the Internet. If it helps describe FM performance better, here it is. In order for sound to be hiss-free, station to come in clear, and indicator light to light up acknowledging accurate reception, 105.9 needs antena to be extended at least by one or two parts most of the time. In comparision, SONY ICF 380, as basic as it is, does not need anything. It beats FM reception of ICF J40. It is true that 105.9 is, for some reason, trickier than som other local statios so that is why I use it for comparision. It is not matter of overload, etc. but simply does not get signal well enough. I may soon go to a little bit less dense electrical-noise area and may try the radio there. I will let you know guys.


Aren't the AM stations in the Middle East and Africa up to 500kW? Seems like a good radio to me. If you are worried about the D cells, you can always go the rechargeable battery route.


Thanks DS for the reply.


Sony ICF-J40, it is very well designed(circuit) radio. Reception in AM band is very good. Ferrite rod size = 5inch and used IC Sony cxa1019p (DIP). Noise in AM band very low comparing to other radios(Panasonic RF562D, Philips DL167/40, Sony ICF18, Sony SRF18). SW reception is also good. FM reception is average.

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