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December 16, 2013



$39.98 at your local RadioShack (if available):

Also $39.99 at Frys in store pickup if you signed up for their email promos (one time use code came today in email).

Tom Welch

The G2 has received very poor reviews.

Anyway, shortwave radio is pretty much dead, in fact, even the Russians are cutting back on SW transmissions. If you want to listen to a bunch of Cubans and bible thumpers all day long, buy a world band radio

Keith Beesley

I can't recommend the G2. Maybe I got a "bad one," but mine feels cheaply made and failed after just a few months of use (when I try to turn it on, I get an error message, "hardware failure").


I got one for $49.99 in-store at the San Diego Fry's, with no discounts, a couple weeks ago.
I think I'll be returning it, though, as its AM sensitivity is far below what I was expecting. Selectivity seems comparable to my Tecsuns, though, but not nearly good enough. I need both in this urban environment. I want to be able to listen to weak ( 2,500 mV/m) stations. (I don't live that close to an AM transmitter, but sometimes I visit friends/family that do.)
Now if I can find where I misplaced the radio so I can return it ...


Personally I'd have to say it's not worth it. The sound quality makes it a no go to me. Also for some strange reason it only has one microphone. If you're looking for a radio/SD card player combo (and analog tuning isn't a deal breaker for you) I highly recommend picking up one of these:
It's not going to win any DX contests, but it works quite well for the price, it sounds decent, and it's about $20. The shortwave bands are about what you'd expect for $20, but other than that I love this little radio. In fact I grab it more often than I do anything else.

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