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December 09, 2013


F M Oberlander

Amoxicillin is largely indistinguishable from Penicillin. In turn both are largely indistinguishable from erythromycin and lots of similar ABs. The point is there is liquid suspension AB of most available, including liquid Amox specifically for canine use, and if you have to use a large eyedropper and squirt it down her throat do it. Best of luck.


Thanks for the info. I'll call my vet and see if I can get liquid form.

Black Lemon

I hope your dog will be better


we tried everything for our dogs sensitive stomachs and found that Hills Prescription Diet Metobolic is great. You need a prescription from the vet and it is a little more expensive but saving trips to the vet more than offsets the cost. It is normally used for weight loss which was a problem for one of my dogs but not the other. This formula works great for both. Comes in dry, cans, and treats. Good luck.

Bill Bush

There is a 6 inch nylon pill giver with gripping end prongs and a pusher on the other end. We use it for our cats and it would work for a dog, too. It lets you get the pill far enough in to avoid spit back. But the other suggestions sound good, too. Right now the foster cats are getting some rather chalky liquid meds in their morning canned food, and we are not feeding after 8:00 at night so they will be hungry enough to eat it. 2 more days of that and we'll be down to eyedrops only!


My nephew's girlfriend (a nurse) got his boxer to take pills by molding a pad of butter around the pill and the dog swalled the tasty butter before he figured out there was a pill in it. Slid down easily. Might work with powder from half a capsule too.


Wrap the pills in bacon, let dog sniff the concoction, then toss in air.

I've had some not much fun times giving the cats pills so I feel your pain. BTW - The Bacon trick does not work for cats.


Wait! There is a product called pill pockets. Google "pill pockets for dogs." You stuff the pill into the pocket, squeeze it shut and your pilling problem might be over! Worked great for my Noah. (Lab/GSD mix)

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