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December 05, 2013



Actually, it's sort of a banishment for the bad boy.
KTLK 1150's signal coverage is much smaller than 640 KFI's 50,000 watts of clear channel. While it's a bitch the largest progressive market will no longer have a station to call its own, kicking Limbaugh off the most powerful, highly rated station almost makes up for the loss.


Here's another article on the same topic.



KTLK is 50 kW daytime and 44 kW nightime, but it certainly doesn't get out as well as KFI in Simi Valley, even though the transmitters are roughly the same distance from my location.


Ed: I think it's pretty difficult to spin this as a "banishment" for Limbaugh. If KFI is going all local, it appears to me that the owners are using Limbaugh to build an audience at KTLK----instant listenership/ratings there. Love him or hate him, he delivers big numbers and they're tapping into that.

Bob C.

This was a corporate move by Clear Channel's management in order to put all of their 'eggs' in one basket AND to gain clearance for their syndicator's (Primeire) other shows, such as Hannity, in market #2. Since KFI has long had a hybrid type of lineup that featured a lot of local content, CC elected to NOT make the same mistake as Citadel did with KGO. Besides, KFI will continue to do well without Limbaugh and KTLK will more than double their ratings with him so it's win-win as far as CC is concerned.

Yes, KTLK has an inferior signal. But it's good enough to get the job done as far as Clear Channel is concerned. And Limbaugh's show is on during the daytime anyway and he has affiliates in all of the markets surrounding LA, so the inferior signal (which has apparently been upgraded over the past few years) doesn't matter much.


I can hear him on three station at the same time here, and all clearly. One's a 50KW station on 540 that's about 25 miles away and overs about 1/3 of the state static free, one 5KW that's about 5 miles away and another 5KW that's about 15 miles away...all three come in local can pull them in on a crystal set with a reasonably short antenna strong.
I see any kind of network programming as a move of desperation. It's kind of hard to beat free programming. After all, why pay for talent when you can just let a network's block of spots go though your transmitter?


Well, today is the first day of the "switch" Apparently Rush will be on KFI for a week or two then go silent. Of note, KTLK is no longer, the callsign has been changed to KEIB. (As in, Rush Limbaugh's EIB Network)


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