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January 05, 2014


Gordon C

A mini Eton as well. The CES rollouts are beginning: http://www.etoncorp.com/en/productdisplay/mini

The Professor

You're right, the Satelitt has just about the identical layout as the G3 and the "field radio" is just a slight rearrangement of the S450DLX front panel. And I recall hearing that radio was a dog. But it looks nice.

The other "new" Eton radios also look very similar to radios that have been around a while. Sure, the display looks kinda different on these. Sexy even. And in fact this whole new line of Eton devices look like they are more about fashion than offering anything substantially new. (Ooooh black and silver! With oblong power buttons!)

The Traveler III seems to obviously be a DSP radio based on the Silicon labs chip. But the PL-310 and PL-380 were much better implementations of the DSP chip than the last "traveler' radio Eton/Grundig had to offer. Who would pay more money for the sexy display, when the other radios offer so many more listening options?


An mention of Silicone Labs DSP chip in any of these?


By the way, I still prefer the Grundig name to Eton.

John B

I like the new style, and if the LED displays are what they appear, that would be a nice addition that the older style display.

But if the guts are the same as the 350/450 and the G3, it just won't be worth it.

Gave up using my 350dlx as it gave up the ghost. I have a 450 and have never been all that pleased with it. Picked up a used RS DX-390 (Sangean 818 I believe), and like it a lot.

I also had a G3 and hated it, and managed to replace it with a G5 off of ebay and I love the G5.

Dave P

I love the new look. And I agree, an updated LED would be fantastic, but I think the selling point for me is the addition of the line-in jack. If the Field's AM performance is at least on par with the s350DL, I will more than likely be grabbing one. I can always resell the s350DL on eBay or CraigsList, and offset the cost a bit. Or, I could just keep both, which is probably what will happen. (Who am I kidding?) But having the option of plugging in an mp3 player definitely makes me interested. I eagerly await the release, and hope for positive reviews.


It's been quite a few years since there's been a top notch shortwave radio available. I'm hoping this time Grundig has stepped up to the plate,but I doubt it. The S450 fiasco makes me skeptical. I wasn't a fan of the S350 either.
It would be wonderful if they got it right this time.
I'd love to get my hands on something new that was along the lines of an E1 (with a real AM/MW antenna this time around) or a Sony SW77.

Sophie Katz

Have Columbia Masterwork Short Wave Model M 1000 for sale. Excellent condition. Working. Great sound. Is anyone interested please e-mail me. Thank yhou.

Sophie Katz

Masterwork M1000 for sale. Sorry forgot to put my e-mail: gullbrau@aol.com


Just placed an order for the Satellit on amazon. Shows "in stock" now. $179.72


Ordered the new satellit from amazon. $179.72, UPS shows that it's out for delivery.

I'm curious to see what's in the box as nobody else has them and even Eton's website says "coming soon"


I received my Satellit yesterday and it's going back Tuesday when the replacement shows up. Seems that the external antenna jack is not right. The radio looks cheap and the sound quality is not great. With headphones its very good. This radio is packed with features. SW receiver seems good, didn't have a lot to test it on, bad night for signals. The operators manual is quite small and the print is real small. I scanned a larger copy today. But I am really impressed with all that this radio is capable of. It seems really small to me, guess the days of the large radios is a thing of the past. Well I need more time on it to be sure if its a keeper. Learning the controls will take some time to get use to, each button on this Radio preforms 2 to 3 functions. You need to read every word very closely to get it right, can be a little tricky. I think this radio took a hard hit on shipping so I want to give the replacement a chance to shine.

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