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February 01, 2014



Congrats! The Accord will not let you down. Our Accord is our sole vehicle now and it has been stellar for almost 18 months and 20k miles. That includes several overnight long hauls with sleeping kiddos, camping trips (we have a hitch mounted bike rack), hauling home materials in a small utility trailer, and the daily runs. Snow tires have made it just as good as our lemon Subaru Outback.

We ended up getting a close out on a 12 EXL but I had really wanted the 13 Sport, it seemed more in keeping with the Hondas I'd had in the past (1990 Integra, 2001 Integra sedan, 1998 Accord).

You're drivetrain is updated over mine but the engine is essentially the same and it's a real gem! We average 36 mpg on long trips and 24-25 in typical city driving.

Like I said, congrats. It's like the Seiko of cars, I think the typeface Seiko uses and what can be found under the hood on Hondas are the same.


I meant to add that the price we paid for the EXL was $1500 cheaper since the dealer was clearing out for the redesigned 13 model, so it was $9000 under sticker. I'm a sucker for that kind of deal.


I don't like the computer screens either---at some point in time, if software updates are needed, it could get costly. But that's the direction we're being taken in, so it is what it is. Honda makes a wonderful car---take care of it and it will take care of you for a long, long time. Me? I would have gone for the black!


For 23K I would have gone for a Breitling Avenger, Omega Planet Ocean, Seiko MM600, and a Panerai Submersible.

Just kidding, of course.


Jonny: Those probably hold their value pretty well!


I felt I had to buy the 1,500 dollar extended warranty with no deductible because the outside camera is over a 1,000 and the center dash computer is vulnerable to crashes and I know labor costs and parts costs can be huge on those two items.


Smart choice on avoiding black paint. Had a black car for a year and even as an anal-retentive wash/detail guy, it always looked dirty. Sold it and bought a white car.

When it WAS clean [read: for about 20 minutes after I had washed it] it looked very sharp, especially with moderately-tinted windows.

$1500 for the extended warranty is a good price. I opted for something similar on my latest car but more as "life insurance" against a catastrophic problem. Cars these days have gotten quite reliable and they either run forever without complaining, or suffer a huge problem right away...possibly due to the assembly line guys being drunk or tired that day. Either way, I know that car will give you many years of trouble-free service. My Acura Integra and Honda S2000 both served me well, and needed only regular maintenance to keep on humming along.

Michael Brent

Thursday I traded in my trusty old 2000 Toyota XLE Camry with 213,000 miles along with a bunch of $$ and got an Infiniti EX 35.
It's a f**king rocket propelled SUV. 297 HP in an SUV a little smaller than a Honda CRV.
The touch screen computer that controls everything has shown signs that it may be smarter than I am and that concerns me.
However in spite of its best efforts to confuse me Ive figured out how to work the Bose stereo and it sounds incredible.

Jack Marshall

Congrats on your new Accord, and wise choice going with the 4-cyl. Great motor.

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