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March 31, 2014



I think the 2200 could do everything the GE could do----and then some----so I would replace the GE with a Sony ICF7600GR. The 7600 series is small enough to pack in luggage---so it would offer something different---great reception on the go. It's true that the speaker sound isn't in the same league with the big radios----but it's fine for talk and with headphones (at the beach for example) the sound is fine. I think at least one of the paperback book sized radios should be among the three----I have tried many of them, including the Sangean ATS505, 808 and others---and I always go back to the Sony 7600 series.

Ed S

I like the new-ish CC Pocket... High portability, 5 preset per band, FM stereo on headphones, built-in speaker if desired, digital display, selectable bandwidth... Almost like a mini CC Radio 2e. Much easier to manage than the Sony 7600. All for about $60.

Ken Carr

Or buy a broken Sony ICF-2010 and fix it. I've had mine for 25 years and just recently had to repair it. Great radio! See recent post on repair, http://www.idlenot.com .


Ed, just a question regarding the CC Pocket: how does it performs on FM? One thing that keep me away from the CC Pocket was the lack of a telescopic antenna..I hate to have the headphone acting as antenna, always with ugly results.

The Professor

Tecsun PL-880

Zenith Transoceanic H-500

GE P-780

All of these are affordable, probably less than the list in the post. Getting an H-500 on eBay shouldn't be too hard. Make sure it's been reconditioned. And they're my three favorite radios, and I do own an RF-2200. For an analog tuner, I say get a tube set. More fun and better audio. The 780 is transistor, but sounds like a tube radio.

If you want something for your pocket, get a Tecsun PL-310(ET), PL-360 or PL-380 instead of one of these.

Ed S

PC : the CC pocket's performance on FM depends on where you live. Here in a major market, no problem--nearly every station is received fine. If the signal is weak, a nice feature is the stereo/mono switch... Weak FM signals are cleaner in mono. I suppose if you're out of the line of sight of the station's fm tansmitting antenna, any radio will have reception problems. FM is just not a long-distance medium, like AM is. Try a pocket, c Crane has a liberal return policy.


Professor: The 780 is a spectacular radio---and it does sound like a tuber.

Keith in Toronto

Lets not forget the Sangean WR1 or WR2. Unbelievable sound (7W, huge speaker magnet)and great reception.


For a (trade) paperback book-sized radio, I'd say go for the Tecsun PL-660 (or the newer Pl-880 which is supposed to offer some marginal improvements) over the Sony 7600. The latter was, and still is, a first-rate portable but the Tecsun does all of the same things, only better and the audio is a MUCH fuller than the tinny, brittle audio on the 7600, that radio's real weak link. I had both the 7600 and 660, and ended up selling the 7600. The 660 has excellent ergonomics and, at least in my area, superb FM reception. AM is good, too, I guess, but I rarely listen to AM so can't be definitive here. Any station I listen to is a local one, and they all come in strongly. But I suspect that this is not a DX machine, but then neither is the 7600.

I also have two GE Superadios, a II and a III (real GE III, not the RCA version abomination). I love these radios. Sensitivity and selectivity are excellent, and the audio is BIG and full, really room-filling. The separate treble and bass controls allow a high degree of audio customizing to suit your preferences.

My collection also includes a RF-2200 which performs on a par with the two Superadios in every aspect (plus, of course, having a full SW rang) and the audio is likewise excellent, though I would characterize its sound as somewhat richer and warmer than that of the SRs. Not necessarily better (or worse) but subjectively different. And I love the big, bold military look and rugged build quality of the 2200, which must weigh 4 pounds or more. All the dials and readouts make it just a fun radio to use, and it's definitely a presence and eye magnet in any room. I've seen some on eBay recently for under $150 that appeared to be in good condition whereas you can pick up a nice SR II for under $100, not mint, but certainly VG/VG+

I think the 660 now runs around $100-125 so for, say, $200 you could score one of these AND a SR II.

For pure travel convenience, the Lilliputian Grundig G6 Aviator, Buzz Aldrin edition is a little wonder. Just larger than a fat pack of cards, you get amazingly good reception on both AM and FM, and the audio on the latter is WAY better, and fuller, than you'd expect for such a tiny radio. Also comes with SSB. But these tend to be pricey on eBay. Very high cool factor.


My 3 would be as follows:

For a relatively small analog portable with great sound and great reception, I'd go with the Panasonic RF-940. It offers AM, FM, and weather.

For shortwave, I'd go with the Grundig Satellit 500. Great reception on all bands and really excels at SSB shortwave reception. Plus its digital.

For a non-portable, my choice, hands-down, would be the Grundig Satellit 2400. I have yet to find its equal on FM for both sound quality and reception.

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