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March 26, 2014



Most reviews agree that the CCRadio-2E has excellent performance on AM and FM. I have to agree with this reviewer about the clock display. When a radio is tuned to a station, I prefer to have the frequency shown on the display, not the clock. This is how most of my other digital radios work, including my CCRadio-SW, PR-D5 and WR-2, the latter two built by Sangean, as is the CCRadio-2E. C. Crane should have made the default display when tuned to a station -- frequency or clock -- a user-selectable option.



An old friend----but not in black...dressed in red instead!

Vimal Oberoi

Digital Radio Mondiale™ (DRM) Demonstrates Its Versatility at General Assembly held at the BBC in London this month
DRM on all bands received on USB sticks, tablets, desk top receivers, as well as integrated with social media could be experienced during the the first day of the General Assembly of the DRM Consortium (March 26th) at the New Broadcasting House, BBC Headquarters in central London. The event was launched in the iconic BBC Radio Theatre by the Chief Operating Officer of the BBC World Service and Global News.
Under the title “DRM in Action”, the Consortium used this opportunity to showcase the many excellent benefits of the DRM standard while experts from around the world highlighted the progress DRM made around the world.
In the first key sessions Indian contributors including broadcasters and receiver manufacturers updated the audience on the digital roll-out in India. Then Brazilian experts gave participants an in-depth insight into Brazil’s digital radio contrasts and the support for DRM coming from the industry, community stations and other stakeholders.
To prove that digital radio is “radio plus” Consortium member companies invited delegates to experience practically DRM alongside the transmission chain from studio to listener. BBC (UK); Babcock International (UK); Fraunhofer IIS (Germany); Digidia (France); Radio Haugaland (Norway); BT Broadcast Transmitters (Brazil); Orbisonic (Brazil); NXP (The Netherlands) and Rfmondial (Germany) showed the latest equipment and applications for DRM.
On the 27th the DRM Consortium members endorsed the full set of past activities and the strategy for the next year. They also elected the new Steering Board of the Consortium welcoming to it new members like BT Transmitters (Brazil), Thomson Broadcast (France), and Gates Air (formerly Harris Broadcast, USA). Ruxandra Obreja was re-elected as DRM Consortium Chairman. “This was the best, most intense and most encouraging General Assembly of the past years, said Ruxandra Obreja.” The Consortium is stronger than ever and ready to face the many challenges of its key target markets. It was gratifying to have delegates from India, Brazil, Germany, Nigeria, Turkey, Malaysia, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries contribute, network and reaffirm the strength of DRM globally.”
The next big event where the DRM Consortium will hold a targeted workshop is Digital Radio Broadcasting Summit- Africa in Cape Town, South Africa (23rd April).
(Press Release)


Everything is pointing to the CC2E being the legend-of-the-era radio; as such, I'd like to see comparisons to the RF-2200, the SRII, etc. If Jay Allen says it's on par with the best in his collection, that's a rather bold statement..


Don't rely on what Jay Allen has to say. Most of the time, he doesn't really know what he's talking about.


I have the CC2E and use it in the kitchen every day. It's a good radio but I don't think it can be compared to the RF-2200. Did Jay Allen really make that comparison? I doubt it. He probably meant his modern radio collection.


You can see what Jay Allen said about the two radios here:



I don't own nor have I seen a Panasonic RF-2200. I trust Jay Allen's comparison of the RF-2200 with the C. Crane CC2E. He regards the RF-2200 as the reference by which all other high performance radios can be compared to.

I own two CC2E sets, and I can tell you it is one awesome performer! To really appreciate how good it is, one must try it out in a low-RFI environment in the middle of the day when distant AM signals are their weakest. It's then that this amazing radio really flexes its muscle using only its internal ferrite antenna.

Its FM performance is as good as it gets with extraordinary selectivity and extreme high sensitivity using only its whip.

The CC2E has a rich warm sound, which will have you joyously listening for hours!

I love its ergonomic design, and it's virtually impossible to tip this baby over because it has a very low center of gravity with batteries installed.

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