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April 30, 2014



This was always the case at high end audio stores while they existed, similar to a Mercedes showroom. It is the Groucho Marx line in reverse--I want to be a member of any club that won't accept me!


Unless they treat me with respect, they won't get me to fork over my money and i'll leave. I have an especially small amount of patience for salesmen who start out being rude and condescending.

Michael Brent

I was a Comcast sales rep for almost 4 years.
During that time I got a first hand look at how customer service really works. Comcast is a great company to work for and its customer service is pretty good but it still sticks to the tried and true model.
There are usually three levels of CS at any company selling a product or a service.
The first level is who you get when you call.
Whether its Debbie in Detroit or Roneesh in New Delhi they are all trained the same way.
They are trained to listen, because they are taught that most people with a problem just want to be heard. They mean well are normally polite and will try to help in there somewhat limited capacity.
They will frequently ask stupid questions like:
is your computer on? is your cable box on? or did you type your password correctly? As if you wouldn't have done that before you called.
Their main function is to keep the CS supervisor, the second level, from having to be bothered by any customers with a problem.
The third level is what you want when you call.
They are the techs. Frequently there is only one available at any given time.
Getting to the tech however can be difficult.
Debbie or Roneesh will often insist that they can help you but most of the time they cannot.
So now you ask for a supervisor. Debbie has been so nice and listened patiently to your problem
and you don't want to hurt her feelings but enough is enough.
So now you get the supervisor on the phone and of course their going to ask you the same dumb questions you already answered. They don't want to look stupid in front of Debbie, who is now listening to the conversation on another line.
They're not any more knowledgeable than Debbie,
they've just been there longer.
ALWAYS insist on talking to a supervisor right out of the chute, always.
If your going to have your time wasted, better to have it wasted by someone only one step away from the tech instead of two steps.
I have done this for years and it makes a big difference in time spent on the phone or in person.

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