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June 25, 2014



That would actually be pretty awesome if they just brought back the G5, mildly refreshed. They should throw the G6 in there while they're at it..


If that's the same circuit as the E5/G5 with a longer loopstick that's going to be one HOT rig.

No..wait..that's an image of the new "Satellit" not the "Field". How much you wanna bet that it's going to be a G3 in a new case?


You're right; it is the Satellit, an upgraded Eton E5?

Michael Brent

I bought a BNIB G5 off e-bay a year ago. Its the last production year and has the protection diodes and its been sitting in my closet ever since.
The problem is the memory set-up. Having to push buttons to change stations sucks.
I have a G8. Its no G5, but its so much easier to use. Just turn the wheel.
They should bring back the G5, get rid of its goofy memory system,( 100 pages with 7 buttons per page? who's idea was that?) And replace it with the ease of tuning and memory system of the G8.


You are right - it does look exactly like a G5/E5. Nice catch!

Tom Welch

In engineering circles, this called design to cost, in other words don't expect any level of new innovation. This is simply repackaging of old an old consumer radio technology.


It looks like the new one has a U/LSB (USB/LSB) button, so it may select the upper and lower sidebands directly. The E5 only has an SSB button, and the sideband is selected by tuning with the BFO knob. In this regard the new version seems to be more like the G3, which could also select the sidebands directly.


Well,If the new the G3 was a rehash of the G5 with a few enhancements...though I found it to be an overall step down as it wasn't quite as sensitive. Not a bad radio, really, but the G5 had a bit more pulling power.
If the new Satellit is just the G3 in a new case personally I'd pass on it and get a Tecsun PL-660 instead. If they bring it back up to what the G5 was that would be another story.
But there's something nice about being able to walk into your local Rat Shack (while you still can) and walking out with a new rig..and I'm sure they'll have them.

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