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June 25, 2014



With DEET is much better----but if you insist on not wanting that, AVON makes one without deet that works pretty well. Might be AVON skin so soft? I think it's sunscreen and bug repellant in one. It's better than nothing.


I have a young daughter, and we do a lot of camping. All of the non-deet insect repellents we have tried have not worked for anything over 1/2 an hour, and most are useless. I would put Avon skin-so-soft (the plain moisturizer) in the "almost but not quite completely useless" category, but they do make versions with both deet and deet alternatives that apparently work. We only use deet-based products now, and we have found that low % deet-based childrens' products have to be re-applied more frequently, but work almost as well as the adult products. In my risk assessment, any danger from using deet is outweighed by the dangers of diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes.



My wife is is DEET-aphobic. She simply won't use it on her or our girls.

Two years ago, we spent the summer in Prince Edward Island, Canada. We were in an off-grid cabin on the water, but surrounded by woods. The mosquitoes were dense (understatement) and large.

My wife did some reading up because I told her the mozzies there would "break her" of the fear of DEET. She found this stuff:

It really does work. You have to re-apply it more often than DEET. Mosquitoes pretty much left us alone. We probably went though ten bottles of it in 6 weeks.

Added bonus? Now each time we apply the same repellent, the smell instantly takes us back to that summer vacation! :)

FWIW, I still use DEET and this stuff (http://amzn.to/1po7Kvj) when I plan for trips to Central America or Africa.


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