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July 09, 2014



eHam has a review of this receiver (search for 2000629) saying good things about it. However, this customer uploaded a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXeGqpG0yHQ) describing overload issues on SW.


And..... They're sold out. I managed to grab one though. Thanks for the heads-up!


Glad you got one. They had 10 left when Jeff posted this, just a few minutes after I posted it in the comments.


Not sure where to put this..so I'll put it here. Hope that's ok...

I saw an aticly on herenot too long ago comapring older Sony Walkman type radios (the SRF-19W and SRF-21W in particuler) to the newer SRF-59s that the "ultralight" crowd seems to be so fond of. Having them both I thought it would be fun to take them out on a feild trip and put them head to had against each other, and a few others for comaprison. Here is the results:

Test done today at 10:30AM in a park away from power lines and RFI.

0= no hint of a signal 5= local

560..very weak
570..moderately weak
610..very week with strong interference from 620
690..very weak with moderate interference from 680
870..extremely weak
1040..moderately weak
1250..moderately weak with VERY strong interference from 1230
1400..moderately weak with EXTREMELY strong station on 1430
1590..moderately weak
1640..very weak (TIS station)

Sony SRF-21W
Sony SRF-59
Tecson R102
Tecson PL-398mp

Sound quality wise (though headphones, of course) the older Sony (SRF-21W) wins hands down. Crisp, clean, and clear on AM. Other than that (and of course x-band coverage), I could tell no difference between the old SRF-21W and newer SRF-59 reception wise at all. That being said the SRF-59 is a real wimp when it comes to power output. It works, but you can forget about getting any kind of real volume out of it. Same with the Tecson R102. One battery for a power supply just doesn't cut it.
What headphones am I using? The same ones I have for about 30 years now: Koss PortaPro.


Interesting results - I am more interested in the Sony SRF-M37W, but only because of the inclusion of the VHF weather band. I also like to comparison of the Tecsun PL 398MP with the SR2 - I use a Pl 398BT for AM dx and I think it is excellent - more people should try it!


Sorry to t/j. That radio at the price is a steal. I wish I'd have grabbed one myself.

I had the SRF-M37W, but I can't remember if it survived the fire. I'll have to look and see if it's in the trunk. I do know that I still have an older version of that one (SRF-M35) without the weather band, but I'm not sure if it's comparable.
I can tell you why I don't know if I still have it, though..I wasn't all that crazy about it. It's another one of those one battery low output jobs, and I like my radios with a bit more oomph and volume than that.
As far as the PL-398mp goes..good for it's size and killer on FM. It's not going to win any contests for AM/MW, but good just the same. The MP3 player part is practically useless. To be honest I think the 660's a bit better on AM/MW. I wish I'd have taken that one with me too as I'm curious to see how it would stack up.
Maybe some other time.

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