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July 09, 2014



Great deal on a radio: Blinq has the RadioShack 20-629, an upgraded re-issue of the previously discontinued Sangean DX-402, for sale for only $27 with coupon code WELCOME10:


They also have the same radio in their eBay store but of course you can't use their 10% off coupon there, although you may be able to use your eBay Bucks:

I just received mine and it appears brand new, never used.

Discussion on the radio:

Ken K. in NJ

My Sony 7600GR, a radio which I've previously said was indestructable, has suddenly gone blank on it's display. There is apparently no reset button, so I've left the batteries out for a week and reinstalled them, but the display is still blank. Does anyone know if this is an easy fix, or should I just move on to one of my many other radios?

It's given me about 12 years of good service, and has only been used sparingly over the past few years, as some of my other radios have jumped ahead of it in usage frequency.

Thanks for any help.



You might try posting your question on the Yahoo 7600GR group. There are some folks in that group that are very good at diagnosing problems with the 7600GR.

R. Lewis

Contact Rod(KB8DNS)for excellent Sony SW Radio repairs. He reworked my damaged Sony SW-100-S and it's been going strong for a long time now. Good rates and very fast turn around. 73's WPE5BST

Ken K. in NJ

Thanks guys. I've joined the 7600 GR Yahoo Group, I'll see what they have to say. I'm not sure I want to sink any money into it just now for repair as I have quite a few other radios.

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