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August 23, 2014



Our local RS now has the Grundig GS450DL for $89.97 - 25% off since it is a clearance price. So, around $67 plus you get a $10 coupon for your next purchase. Of course, with all of the bad reviews I have read on it, I think I am going to have to leave it on the shelf at the store!


Interesting that Radio Shack's price when viewed from a Canadian IP is $71.97.


Looks like a Yachtboy or Grundig G4000, which I paid a lot more for.


For $25 this radio is a steal....very good am and fm performer, decent sw reception with a so so ssb. Ergonomics are ok and the sound quality is not bad at all..main gripe is the radio eats batteries pretty fast.


My local Rat Shack had two of them and I scarfed them up. One didn't have a box----was the display model. I guess I'll keep that one and give the other one as a gift. I wish there were more. I actually paid around $31.00 each-----not $25.00. But I did get two $10.00 same as cash bonuses to use in the next couple weeks----batteries, toys, whatever. That's twenty bucks to use, meaning these radios ended up costing me about twenty dollars each.

Ted August

Angelo, the store I went to was having an "additional 25% off clearance" sale the day I went in. It was around $30 at normal clearance price, and with the additional 25% it got the price down to $25. I've been pleased with it so far. Especially since it ended up replacing a RCA SuperRadio III that had died the previous week. Obviously not the same class of radio, but impressive results so far. My Sangean SW antenna came in this week, will be looking forward to more DX'ing in the next few weeks when work slows down after the back-to-school rush!


Hopefully it'll still be available by the time I'm able to go there next, idk if it'll be this week though.

Is it actually made by Sangean (and branded Radio Shack), or is it a RS-made clone like the text above says?

Also how does it compare to, say, the Superradio III, PR-D5, Tecsun PL-398bt, for example, at least on common features/functions?

Jim Rittenhouse

Called my local RS and found they had $3 for $31; I'm so so tempted to buy an extra as a gift, for someone who could use a good radio, but frankly, aside of my wife not being thrilled at me getting an 'extra' radio for a gift (she kinda sees my interest in radio as a why-do-you-want-to-do-that) for anyone, I can't specifically think of anyone that is hurting for one.

Dang. Well, worst comes to worst, I'll email a few friends and tell them to check it out if they have a mind to do so.

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