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September 12, 2014



Make sure they're all on your desktop. And yes, you can copy them to another format. I forget how it is done, but it isn't too hard, although can take awhile.


It is a Job of Work, but unless I am mistaken iTunes lets you make MP3 copies of your music. That would let you use it on just about any device.

You can't possibly be the only person in the world who has ever run up against this problem. So I'd bet a shiny nickel that not only can you make MP3s, somebody out there has software ready-made for mass-converting and archiving your music collection. If you want to be really paranoid, research which CD-Rs or CD-RWs are archival quality and have two copies of your collection, one of them on the discs.

fred oberlander

There is a ton of software that will do this. As I write this, a 128GB sdxc card is about $85. Many phones will accept it and its quite likely you can get them all to fit on 128gb if you use a good mp3 compression and vbr, certainly you wouldnt notice the difference in any noisy environment. However be aware I strongly advise that you set aside 1TB (which is about $60 on an external drive) and first convert the songs into WAV, which is lossless and will be around a looooong time because of CDs. Then you can rip mp3's from there at various degrees of compression. anyway this is why people make fun of "fanbois" because you get locked into one ecosystem. But 160GB is not what it used to be. You can also get a thumb drive for about the same money and most cars now have usb ports and can play music from those.

Bill Bush

I keep rediscovering CDs I had forgotten, so I have a supply of new old music. I had someone show me how to put songs onto iTunes in my Mac, but it was just not worth remembering, as I listen to NPR most of the time anyway.


Why do you keep buying inferior technology that only works on other Apple products????

Buy a real product that accepts mp3's, that will free you from the Apple tyranny and open your mind. And their quality is superior to Apple's.


Just buy a refurb iPod. Jeff, I think you're overthinking this way too much! You can get a large capacity iPod Touch. The Touch may be perfect for when you give the smartphone you so despise.

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