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October 08, 2014



Prices have gone up ...


Yes Paul, I see the EP is now at eighty-five bucks. I love my EP, but this is getting dangerously close to "overpriced." I'm a buyer at seventy bucks and a hesitant buyer at eighty----beyond that, it becomes questionable.

¾ Blind

I'd like to get an EP or a CCRadio 2E just for the sake of having a very good AM radio, but such a sensitive radio will do me little good because, 1. I live in a metro area near Los Angeles where most of the stations I listen to are local blow torches, e.g., KFI. 2. The AM (medium eave) band is awash with static from modern electronics, e.g., light dimmers, TVs, WiFi devices or more precisely the noisy power supplies thereof, etc. 3. Most distant AM stations broadcast the same syndicated programs as the locals, especially at night. As I get older I am receding from being a collector of things. Meanwhile, that Tecsun PL-880 sure looks interesting. And the CommRadio CR-1a with SDR, ah choices.


I too live in Los Angeles area and indeed KFI does "blow torch" on AM with overload. You get this constant goose honk in the background, especially on sunny afternoons.


No honking issues out here in the Inland Empire, though my Sony 7600GR has both an attenuator knob and SSB/sync, a full toolkit just for dealing with overly powerful stations and nearby noise. And part of the fun of DXing faraway stations is finding those gems with local content; KSL 1160 AM out of Salt Lake does a local talk show in the evening, and KOA 850 AM out of Denver carries Rockies games live.


Nightside Project on KSL is always excellent. I enjoy it quite immensely and have for many years up here in Boise. I came across a CCRadio Plus in perfect condition and love it!

Keith Beesley

The Skywave looks interesting (AM-FM-SW-weather-air band). Maybe just a variation of the Grundig G6 from a couple of years ago...

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