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October 11, 2014



Here's more on the watch from a recent Hands-On review by Ariel Adams.


The dial treatment is unusual: "The blue to black gradient of the dial is meant to resemble ocean water that gets black as you go deeper because sunlight can only penetrate so far."

A nice watch, but it costs 12 grand. That said, I could see you wearing one of these, Jeff, based purely on the size and style, if cost were not an issue.

I like that this model doesn't have the magnifier window over the date window that the Submariners have. This one has a cleaner look, although there is a Submariner without the date that looks even better.


Gary: I know that a lot of watch buyers don't like the cyclops date windows, but if my watch has a date function, I like the magnification. But honestly, I'm not a big fan of the date function in the first place. I like the idea of a high quality watch movement without the date feature----which I find is more trouble than it's worth (except on digitals, when the date hardly ever needs to be reset).


To use internet Gen Y vernacular, "Meh." I like the Deep Sea, I like Rolex Submariners in general, but I prefer the Omega Seamaster among quality classic divers - I just prefer the aesthetic. Nice watch, though - just not a show-stopper (for me).


I know some readers of Herculodge like G-Shock watches, so I'd like to pass on this info about some unusual models. Earlier this year, Casio introduced five new G-Shock camouflage watches.


Four of these five new camo G-Shocks use a negative display (light digits on a dark background), which looks really cool but can be hard to read. One of them, the GD120CM-5, uses a positive display (dark digits on a light background). This model is known as the Woodland Camo.


Typically this G-Shock sells for $120-$130, but Princeton Watches currently has it on sale for just $99, with free shipping. (It turns out that they don't have it in stock, but you can still order it and they will honor the sale price. They expect to receive a new shipment in mid November.)


Here is a good, high-quality video discussing the history of G-Shock camouflage watches, as well as a thorough description of the design and features of the GD120CM-5.


In a digital watch, what can be more manly than a big, camouflage G-Shock?

Steve Guillen

What kind of sneakers does Charlie Rose wear quite often?


Great spotting my friend :)

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