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December 24, 2014



I'm sick of gadgets ( he says as he writes this on his iPad mini). Or rather, I'm sick of gadget reliance and fetishism. They take up too much of human life, certainly my life. I have a laptop, tablet, and a smartphone, not to mention my wife's chrome book, smartphone, etc...do I need a smart watch? Might as well get a desktop as well...hmmm, maybe I should make sure I can be wired at every moment, in every corner of my house.

Anyhow, no smart watch for me.



What bothers me most about technology is that it is misused, mostly towards fruitless ends. The average smartphone could easily power a manned mission to some distant planet, but instead it's being used to squish berries in a tedious game of some sort. Instead of looking up to the stars and wondering about the future of human endeavour, we're staring at our navels at every opportunity, hoping to beat a previous high-score and considering that some sort of worthy achievement. We don't need half the technology we own. Perhaps that sounds odd coming from a computer science graduate, but there you are.

Merry Christmas to all.


See http://www.puls.com/

Great comments by JonnyBardo and Ulysses. What is the solution? I am also a technologist, sick of technology.


Or let's take it up a notch further, Paul - the Cicret:



And this is just depressing - the list of the "Youtube stars" who make the most money. If you don't want to page through the list, the long and short of it is that most are "video game commentators" - that is, they play video games and ad lib over them. I find this depressing because it shows just how asinine our culture is, and how generations of young people are glomming onto social media and video games as their primary "creative" outlet.



Jonny: My 10 year old is into video game consoles, I-Pad, video games, etc. A couple years ago----when he was 8 years old, he found this guy on You Tube who goes by the name "Nintendo Capri Sun." This guy was like a God to him----explaining the video games as he was playing them. He'd even talk about other things as he was playing the games----how he wasn't working and had gained 80 pounds (Gee, I wonder why?)and offering his opinions on other things. My son was also trying to get tips from other adult players----including a group of college guys who were swearing whenever the game wasn't going their way, dropping the f-bomb frequently and laughing about other things they talked about.

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